The thing about blogging for a living is that your month to month income and expenses can vary. By a lot. Since going full time with blogging I've been able to plan out more material and find what really works for me, as well as what doesn't. This month, I've TRIPLED what I made in August. And to be honest, October is looking good too.

Let's take a look at what happened in September.

Blogging Income Report for September

September Blogging Income Report:

September Income:

E-Course/Webinar Sales: $5,668.00
Sponsored Posts  $1,275.00
Sidebar Advertisements  $325.28
Google Ads  $220.00
Affiliate Links  $344.65
Freelance Writing $417.10

Total Income for August: $7,360.10

Total Expenses for August:

*DPD $10
FB Ads For Launching E-Course $197
*LeadPages  $150 
Sponsorship on other blogs  $25
Photobucket  $4.99
Facebook Ads  $300
Pinterest Ads  $63.99
Photo Editing Tools $15.50
Reflector 2 $14.99
Giveaways  $129.99
*BoardBooster $35
*MailChimp  $25
Money sent to charity (from webinar sales) $396.00

Total Spent: $1,217.46

Total Profit: $6,142.64

*Denotes affiliate link

My favorite purchase of the month is DPD. I know, this was only $10 but it's a game changer. This is the service I used to deliver my digital downloads of products I sold and it allowed people to buy my online products. PLUS I wasn't charged some outrageous fee like 20% for every sale. If you ever plan to sell anything with your blog I'd advise checking them out.

Things I've changed: In the past, I'd make about $3,000 a month from sponsored posts. I work with a lot of sponsored companies and this was a great way to make money. I'm moving away from these because I just really love talking to bloggers. I love teaching. Blame my professor parents.

Things I've learned: taking online courses is what grew my business. Period. Spending money to make money is what changed the game for me.

Before, I never ever thought I could do it. Now that I've learned the skills to do it, I am able to grow my online business. That's why I decided to make it happen and start selling courses. So I could help others out there make real money blogging.

My degree in communications and my previous jobs in marketing, social
media, online advertising, SEO and Google Analytics are helping me in
more ways than ever before. I guess I did put my degree to good use. 

That's why I started my course: Quit Your Job to Blog to teach you the step by step tools you NEED for your blog to make money, build your brand, and establish your online presence. What are you waiting for?! Sign up here!

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