One of my all time favorite pastimes is writing. Um duh, Helene, you are a blogger after all. But not just writing short blog posts, getting to sit down and hash out my thoughts in a meaningful way. Both my parents are writers and authors, so it's in my blood to follow in their footsteps. Today I'm thrilled to announce I wrote my very own book!

Keeping in line with my years as a blogger and social media marketer I wanted to write about Instagram. There is just so much wrong information out there on how to grow your Instagram, what works, and what doesn't, so I have spent the last year writing….

Instagram Unlocked: How to Gain Followers and Engagement that Lasts

This book is the real deal. It's 88 pages of strategies, guides, and a breakdown of the ins and outs of Instagram. As a blogger (or influencer), you probably know just how challenging Instagram can be. Changes in the algorithm, drops of engagement, follow/unfollow, and so much more. It was time to cut the crap and get down to clear cut strategies that work on Instagram.

Instagram Unlocked is designed to give you the step-by-step system that will show you exactly what you need to grow your Instagram. And not those tips that are here today, gone tomorrow. You'll find out how to grow your Instagram, increase engagement, and use these strategies to help bolster your blog or influence online.

Look, the key to any business, blog, or social media is having a community of people that care. But the tricky part is getting them to stick around. Instagram Unlocked will show you how.

Inside you'll learn:

– Find out your why when creating and establishing your Instagram, plus why you are seeing a decline in engagement.

– How to conquer the Instagram Algorithm and how to make it work for you.

– How to create an Instagram that makes people STOP scrolling to follow and interact with you.

-The type of content you need to post and when.

-Why buying followers is dumb and how to create real engagement.

-The myths and mistakes that are holding you back from success.

-How to create an Instagram theme that sets you apart.

-How to strategize with hashtags.

-Find your target Instagram market and keep them coming back for more.

I'll also show you case studies of Instagram accounts that work and you'll learn how to turn your followers into fans!

Instagram is tricky. There are so many changes in the algorithm and many are seeing a dip in engagement. That's why you need a clear cut strategy that works. I've been using Instagram for the past few years to drive traffic to my blog and land brand partnerships. Over the past 7 months alone I've gone from under 30,000 followers to now over 100,000. I've quadrupled my engagement and Instagram is one of the number one drivers of traffic to my blog. It's helped me live a location independent lifestyle and even move over seas. All with the power of Instagram! I want to show you how.

Instagram Unlocked intends to pave the way for the strategies that WORK on Instagram. And let me tell you, I'm not an Instagram model. I don't live a life of luxury. I don't have any special talents. Well, except for maybe cracking the code for what works on Instagram. I don't operate a fancy camera and I don't believe in overnight success. This book is a guide that will teach you what works on Instagram, and, how to make it last.

I'm really excited to share this book with you and can't wait to see what you think! It's got my heart and soul in it and I know it will help you grow your Instagram and create followers and engagement… that last!