Tomorrowland is the single greatest music festival in the world. I'd happily put money on that one. I've been to a lot of music festival and while I haven't been to them all, it's safe to say that Tomorrowland is simply the best. A combination of great music, people from around the world, the most stunning decorations and fireworks, and a well organized and thought out production make it the best. Tomorrowland 2017 will be here before you know it and if you want to get tickets, you need to start preparing right now. Tickets sell out for Tomorrowland in MINUTES so this guide to Tomorrowland 2017 is here to help!


I've attended Tomorrowland three times and intend to go back this year for round four! A bit of background, I'm from Texas and so we'd wake up super early in time to wait in the online queue to get tickets. Every single year, I get questions about my secrets or how I got the tickets: I AM TELLING YOU EVERYTHING I KNOW HERE! While I am flattered by the emails, my inbox is getting out of control! So I promise to put all I know right here. If you are looking for a cost breadown, you can find out How much it costs for Tomorrowland here.


How to Get to Tomorrowland 2017

When is Tomorrowland 2017?

Tomorrowland takes place every year the last weekend of July. Tomorrowland 2016 will be held for two weekend this year!  July 21, 22, 23 and July 28, 29, 30. The gathering takes place Thursday July 20th which is a pre-fesitval and concert. The earliest you can check in is 11am on Thursday.

Tomorrowland Brasil is not happening this year. (Usually took place in March).


Where is Tomorrowland?

Tomorrowland takes place in a recreation area called De Schorre in the town of Boom, Belgium, about twenty minutes outside of Brussels. You can easily get to the festival by bus or taxi.

When do Tomorrowland tickets go on sale?

Global Journey packages are on Sale January 21st at 17:00. Buy tickets here.

Worldwide pre-sale is January 28th at 17:00

Worldwide ticket sale is February 4th at 17:00

I know you might be wondering… what's the difference?! Well to be honest, they have changed it up this year. It used to be that the pre sale was for Belgians only (so that they would have first access to the tickets in their home country). This year, they are getting rid of that.

Global journey tickets go on sale first. This is the most expensive package but also gives you the most value.

Then worldwide presale and then worldwide ticket sale. My theory is that they are breaking this up to give more people the opportunity for access to tickets.

How do I get tickets?

First, you must pre-register. This is very important to ensure you get tickets. The basic process is adding some of your contact information and email. When you purchase the tickets you must have this information for the people you are purchasing the tickets for as well. Tomorrowland requires that the name matches the person to the festival bracelet.

When is Tomorrowland Pre-Registration?

Pre-Registration for Tomorrowland takes place starting January 10th through January 17th. You can REGISTER RIGHT HERE.
The first TWENTY (new this year!) people of each country who register will have the possibility to buy a maximum of 4 Tomorrowland tickets through a dedicated link. You do no need to register for Global Journey.

How can I make sure I get tickets to Tomorrowland?

Unfortunately, you can't! It's a first come, fist serve basis and they sell out almost almost immediately. Pre-registration DOES NOT guarantee tickets.

People ask me all the time, how can I get tickets? I highly recommend not using third party sites (or eBay) because you can be scammed. I met a girl last year that came all the way from Australia, paid almost $2,000 for a ticket and it was a scam. You can try to get them elsewhere but be cautious of scams!

 *Tip- make sure you tell your credit/debit card company you are making an international purchase. You don't want to try and buy the tickets and then your purchase not go through!

 How much are tickets to Tomorrowland?

Ticket prices are like this:

Full Madness (all three days) for pre-sale is € 225. Worldwide ticket sale is  €281.

Full Madness comfort pass is €380 (access to the VIP zone and other exclusive areas) and worldwide ticket sale  €496.

A one day pass (so, magical Friday or Incredible Saturday or Glorious Sunday ) €94 for presale or €101 for worldwide sale. One day pleasure pass (much like the comfort pass) is €125 pre-sale and €150 worldwide sale. There is also the one day comfort pass which gives you ALL the VIP access. Ticket prices are  €155 pre-sale and €190 worldwide sale.

TIP: Know what you want before you start the ticket queue!

There are 180,000 tickets and literally millions of people try to purchase the tickets. Check out this post on How Much Does Tomorrowland Cost.


Where do I stay at Tomorrowland?

Many people choose to camp on the grounds of the festival in tents. The area is called “Dreamville.” When you purchase Dreamville passes you are also purchasing tickets for the festival. This gives you access close to the festival plus there are always fun things happening in Dreamville. If you buy a comfort pass, they will set up a tent for you!

There are also hotels nearby in Brussels, Antwerp, and Mechelen to name a few. Since I get asked this a lot: I personally prefer to stay in a hotel, but people love to stay in Dreamville too.

How do I get to Tomorrowland?

There are a lot of options when it comes to getting to Tomorrowland. One of the best “experience” options, though this is much more expensive is Global Journey. The global journey package includes plane tickets to Brussels, Dreamville or a nearby hotel, access to three days of Tomorrowland, and if needed, transportation to the festival.

Typically, I buy plane tickets in January- before tickets go on sale, in order to get a cheaper flight. I fly into Brussels and then take a train or bus from there. You can also stay in Brussels but it;s a bit farther away. Once in Belgium transportation is pretty easy. There are buses and shuttles that go directly to Boom. It's usually pretty cheap to take the bus and takes about 30 minutes to get to the town of Boom. You can also take a taxi cab.

What is the food like at Tomorrowland?

Very good. It's reasonable priced and you can even purchase beer for 2 euro. My favorite is the cherry beer which some say tastes like cough syrup, but I enjoy it. You can also bring in a water bottle (just remove the cap).

How do I purchase food?

Tomorrowland is a cashless festival- hooray! You simply pre-load your bracelets with money (or pearls) to buy food and drink. If you pre-load your bracelet with $100 or more, you get a free drink. If you don't spend all your preloaded money at the festival the rest will be refunded into your account. A really well thought out and easy system!

How much is Tomorrowland?

It's not cheap. As I mentioned about almost $300 for the three day festival. Hotels range in price but expect to pay at least 50 Euro a night. Depending on where you are coming from plane tickets can be $2,000. You also have to consider food and drink and if you want to travel before or after the festival. I would save up at least a few thousand dollars.
I wrote a whole post with the complete breakdown of cost at Tomorrowland. This should answer all of your questions!


When will the line up be announced?

You can follow Tomorrowland on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on the line up. It's not announced all at once but we should know more in January. And I will be updating my blog of course!


What should I wear to Tomorrowland?

It generally is pretty hot during the day, so wear something lightweight. Many people dress up for the festival in costumes and neon. One thing's for sure: represent your country! Bring a flag or wear something to show where you're from! Here is the Ultimate Tomorrowland Packing List.

Here's an idea of what the main stage of Tomorrowland will look like:


Are there any other festivals like Tomorrowland?

No. It's simply unlike any festival out there! But EDC and similar events do try :).
What's it like to go to the festival?
You can read my past posts, but it's pretty incredible. It's an amazing experience where people all over the world come together to share a common love of music. More people from more countries are represented at Tomorrowland than at the Olympics! With hands down the best music, fireworks, lazers, and stage setup. Tomorrowland makes it easy to get around and explore the festival grounds. Make sure you check out all the stages.
Why should I go to Tomorrowland?
Well, because it's the happiest place on earth. At least for me it is. People all over the world come together to celebrate music and life. It's not only about the music but about the experience.
What if I have no one to go with?
This has been an overwhelmingly popular question this year, so I wanted to address it. First, definitely still go! One of the best things about Tomorrowland is the sense of community. You will make friends fast. Also, check out some Facebook groups to see if you can start chatting with others that are going.
I know this post was insanely long, but I'm trying to answer as many questions as possible! Check out the Tomorrowland website for access and information.  If you have questions about the festival feel free to email me: [email protected]

Hope we can all enjoy the madness together in 2017! Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is a mystery!For more of my Tomorrowland experience check out my first trip and The2012trip and the 2014 Tomorrowland trip

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tomorrowland 2014 mainstage

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