Conquer Instagram’s Algorithm (STARTS TODAY!)

I was wrong about Instagram.

There. I said it.

A few years ago I thought I had it figured out. I thought I should do it like everyone else. I listened to the gurus. I posted pictures of my lattes on a white foam board (not joking). And my Instagram barely budged.


But seriously. There is so much talk about how to grow your Instagram and a lot of it comes from people who don't actually know how to help bloggers, businesses owners, or actual people grow their Instagram. And that's okay, but their tips are, well, lame.

I feel that I've cracked the code. I have more engagement and followers than ever before.

How to beat the Instagram algorithm. Three things you must have in order to create engagement.

Instagram, more than any other social media platform has helped me grow my blog and online business. And not just grow my follower count, but grow engagement. Instagram has helped me to monetize, be location independent, and it is sincerely part of why I was able to move to Germany.

I make more on Instagram than I do on any other social media platform combined. It's helped me land partnerships with some incredible companies (Glamping Hub, AirBNB, Forever 21, Daniel Wellington, Pura Vida Bracelets to name a few).

I've been able to share myself authentically, with Instagram, and I feel like I've been able to crack the code on the algorithm, while still being myself.

So how can you succeed? Oh you know I got you. I have a free video workshop that starts TODAY!!

You can sign up right here:

In the first video of the workshop, I discuss how I grew my Instagram following organically, the three things you MUST have in order to create your Instagram empire that you probably haven't heard before. I also tell you why Instagram is a lot more like the popular dating app Tinder. I also discuss the elephant in the room.. the Instagram Algorithm and how you can beat it! You'll see why in the video.

Catch it before it's gone!


I've been able to connect my passion and purpose to grow online, make money, and make Instagram work for me. I want the same for you. Join me today and watch the first video in this epic free series!


Free 4 Part Workshop: Secrets to a Successful Instagram

Helene hand phone

The most jam packed workshop... ever!

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Free 4 Part Workshop: Secrets to a Successful Instagram

Helene hand phone

The most jam packed workshop... ever!

Powered by ConvertKit

[…] Watch all of Helene’s free Instagram Workshop videos […]

[…] Watch all of Helene’s free Instagram Workshop videos […]

[…] Watch all of Helene’s free Instagram Workshop videos […]

Sushree Kanti Panigrahi

I found this article very helpful Helene. Thanks for providing us with great tips and techniques to marvel in the social world. If you could write a post listing useful Instagram Hashtags , I would be very glad. In fact we all would love to read it .

Watching tonight when I get home from work! Or maybe on my lunch break 🙂

I can’t wait to give this a watch when I get home!

I hope you have a great Monday,

WHoo hoo, thanks Michael!

I’ve signed up but nothing happens. I wanted to watch the video but can’t find it. Have I missed the class?

I signed up and haven’t even watched day one yet. Life, I tell ya! Let me get on it. Thanks Helene!


Definitely need to watch this, I’m beyond fed up with the Instagram algorithm and am hoping they’ll revert it back to chronological or at least give us the option to view in chronological like on FB. *Fingers crossed* 🙂

Thank you so much for putting these together!!! I can’t wait to watch your first video! 🙂 Your Instagram rocks! It’s one of my fave accounts!

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