I dread this day. I've loved and yet dreaded this day every year since I can remember. It's “B Day,” as in, my birthday. Today I'm 29 years old. Old. Not 29 years young. I'm really not sure how I got here so quickly. I could swear I was swinging on my swing set pretending to fly just the other day. I blinked and here I am.

Not that I'm in a bad place. Life is awesome. But I can't help this gulping feeling of, “oh my God, I'm getting older.”

I've always had a hard time with age. Change scares the crap out of me. I know change is good, but it can also be terrifying. I remember begging my parents not to give my TWIN sisters my bunk beds, so they could get me a nicer new bed. I didn't want my room to change.

Now I feel like that same 12-year-old — reluctant to hand over her tiny white wooden twin beds where I used to stuff my Laura Ingalls Wilder books between the slats in the wood. (Little House on The Prairie was the best.)

I need to get over it. You're only as old as you feel, right? RIGHT?! Seems whenever I'm down I make a list. So, here are five things that have never changed in my life, despite the whole age thing:

1. I still have my stuffed animal, RaRa, almost from birth. It's a rabbit that is oddly comforting to me.

2. I hold on fiercely to things that might be unimportant. For example, I love electronic music. If you tell me you don't, I'll try to convince you. I also take it personally.

3. I've been trying to walk in heels since I was a kid playing dress-up. I still can't walk in heels.

4. Or put on eyeliner. 

5. No matter my age, I will never really grow up.

Today I wanted to give you something. I want to (try) and give as many people as possible their Starbucks order today. Just save and show the code below when you go to pay. If you want to make me really happy hashtag a pic, tweet, or whatever with #29Sucks. And if you want to make sure someone else get's a cup of coffee, send them the link to this post.

UPDATE: Card is now empty! (I actually can no longer reload my card online haha!!) 
If you didn't get any, I'm sorry! But I will try to do this in the future 🙂

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I love it. Probably too much. And that includes you, too.

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