When Michael and I first got married, we lived in a 625 square foot apartment with our doberman, Hugo. One night, I was cooking an elaborate dinner. I was trying to be domestic by whipping something up delicious for my husband. How sweet am I?

Well, I was trying to cook in this tight space while dealing with the fact that this cramped space was all I had to work with. I had to time everything out perfectly. While the bread was baking the pot was boiling and I was chopping vegetables on the counter.

I felt ahead of schedule so I took out the trash. As I was walking back up the steps I heard a loud noise blaring from the apartments. I thought, certainly not mine.


The fire alarm had gone off. The bread had caught fire in the oven and was now smoking up the entire apartment! I was scared. Not because I was worried about the fire, but because we weren't allowed to have a doberman in the apartment. When the apartment manager arrived, I put a whimpering Hugo in the bathroom, and assured him everything was fine.

I'd like to say this was my first and last cooking mishap, but that's definitely not the case. But Michael and I did learn the importance of making the most out of a cramped space. Especially when it comes to home appliances. It's vital to have small appliances that do the job right the first time and that are easy to store. That's why I (and Hugo) shop online at P.C Richard & Son for our home appliance needs.

With state-of-the-art toasters, KitchenAid Mixers, Juciers, Waffle Makers, Toaster Ovens, and more the perfect appliance makes for an easier cooking experience – especially in a tight space. One of my favorite things to make is warm chilly on a cold day, now is the perfect time to bust out the slow cooker and make chili. Just as long as I don't burn the house down.

The best appliances for a new apartment, especially a small one, are their rice cookers, electric plates, and their full line of cookware. You can cook virtually anything with their full selection. They even offer free shipping!

It happens to be P.C. Richard & Son's 106th birthday and they are are having a huge sale on all their appliances. Check it out now, before the sale goes away. You know you're getting a good deal when they've been in the business for over 100 years.

Do you ave any crazy cooking stories?

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