Living in Tennessee means I have access to so many states nearby. When you live in Texas, you take road trips around Texas. It's just so large, it's hard to get anywhere without being in the car for 8+ hours. Michael and I are making it our mission to take as many road trips as possible this year. We've hit up St. Louis, now we're headed to Cincinnati along with the dogs.

Road Trip Essentials

I love a good road trip so today I'm giving you my top 10 road trip essentials.

When you're planning a road trip, you have to have something to listen to. Even though I've already listened to the Serial Podcast, Michael's never heard it, so we're listening to that. When we need a break, we're jamming to my “Get Shit Done” Playlist. Singing (and dancing) in the car is necessary.

We also listen to Audio Books, which I think are the bees knees. I am a huge fan of Audible, and listen to more books than I read these days.

Michael makes fun of me, but I like to keep the car really cold and wear a long sleeve shirt or have a blanket. He can laugh, but I feel comfortable.

20 questions. If you can't tell from this blog, I LOVE talking. I can talk to a brick wall. I love playing the game 20 questions. The way we play on our road trips is someone thinks of a movie character. Then we have 20 questions to try and figure it out. It's pretty fun and Michael gets things right really fast, while it usually takes me all 20 to figure it out…

Motion sickness medicine. I get car sick so easily. I have to bring it with me or else.

Dry Shampoo. My hair gets greasy in the car so I always have a bottle of dry shampoo with me. My favorite it Batiste (I use the Blonde one). I've tried them all, for the most part, and this one is cheap and works well.

My Instax Instant Camera. I love the pictures this bad boy takes on the road. Plus, how cute is it?

In addition to the camera, and pictured above, I have to have comfy shoes and a crossbody purse. Michael gave me this Fossil one for Christmas and it's my favorite ever.

What are your road trip essentials?

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