You know what I love about cruises?  That I don't have to plan anything. To really not have to think very hard about what to do, where to go, which train to catch, and why Michael left his passport on the TSA scanner and if we can please go back for one quick second and get it back so we don't have to live in Spain forever. Yes, that happened, on our way to Ibiza as we sprinted through the airport.

6 cruise essenstials

I claim to be an expert packer, I can fit everything into my carry on, and I intend to do the same for this cruise. I won't share a post on the entire cruise packing list, but I am sharing my cruise essentials. Hey, this might help you for your next cruise excursion.

Besides the obvious: sunscreen, swimsuit, flip flops, sunglasses; here's what I think you really need.

what to pack for a cruise

Fanny Pack
Why? Because I want to carry things around and I'd rather not bring a purse.
This one holds just what I need: my room key and my camera. If I'm out of the boat I'll throw in my ID and some cash. Plus, it's nice to have something close to me when I'll be walking around Mexico.

Why? Wine not?
Did you know that most cruise lines (I'm going on
Carnival) let's you bring a bottle of wine per passenger? Drinking on
board can add up fast, that's why I really love to bring it with me.
Michael and I are each bringing on a bottle.

Why? With all the drinks, sun, and running around you tend to lose electrolytes.
It's also good in a Pina colada. Just trust me on that one. This is the best handover remedy out there, it makes you feel better instantly.

Self Tanning Lotion
Why? Because I'm pale.
I don't know if you've seen me lately, but my skin hasn't seen the sun in months. I'm pasty. So I need this stuff to make sure I don't scare people in my swimsuit. I also throw in some tan towels to exfoliate.

Walkie Talkies
Why? 5 rooms, 9 people, no internet.
If you're going with a group, this is a must. A great way to get in touch with your friends on board without having to use cell phones. Code names optional.

Fancy Dress
Why? On almost all cruises there is a “dress up” night.
I know when I book a cruise I almost always forget that one night I will need to dress up. That's when I turned to Eliza J Dresses. Pretty, fun, colorful, and feminine dresses that are perfect for a cruise, or any night out on the town.

Eliza J dresses are classic with a vintage feel. They're designed with unique and bold patterns. These are the perfect dresses to wear for a night out or to a wedding. Follow along for more beautiful dresses and inspiring images on instagram @elizajdresses.

There will not be sprinting through a foreign airport. At least, I hope not. We are taking the short drive today from
Dallas to our port of call out of Galveston. You might remember I took a
cruise last year with the same group and it's now decided that this is an annual trip. I can't promise that I'll be dancing on the ship's main stage, but I promise it will be entertaining. Follow along on instagram @heleneinbetween.

Have you been on a cruise? What are your essentials?