The other day I was hanging out with my Mom and I was telling her my book idea. This is not uncommon. In fact, I tell her my developing book idea at least once a day. It's kind of sad really (especially since she's publishing her first book in September). I was telling her about my recent reads and how they inspired my new book. But she looked at me like I was crazy.

“How do you possibly have time to read so much?” She wondered. “You have a full time job, and a blog, and you're moving, and trying to see all of your friends before you leave.”

I answered her, “Audible.”

In the past few months my reading has more than tripled. Well, I guess you can't necessarily say reading. I guess I should paraphrase and call it listening. I think you can get the same effect as listening to a book as you can reading. To me, listening is the same as reading (although there was an intense debate on the topic). But the reason why I keep listening to books might surprise you.

I work from home. So I don't have traffic or a commute that I can count on to listen to my books. I don't drive very often. But the only time I allow myself to listen to my favorite books is when I'm working out, cleaning, or cooking. Which is a lot.

To me, these are two healthy habits. I want to workout more because I want to listen to my book. I want to cook at home more (I usually cook healthy things) because I want to listen to my book. The “Freakonmics” economists would call this “temptation bundling.” I'm doing a task I don't necessarily want to do and getting a reward.

But now, I'm unstoppable. Usually, in the morning, I groan to wake up before 7 A.M. Now, I set my alarm a little earlier, so I can make my workout a little longer, so I can listen to my book a little longer. Basically, it's all a win.

I'm reading way more (or listening, rather) and finding the time to get things done.

P.S. Still don't believe me? Here's a free 30 day subscription to Audible. I made my Mom do it.