This past weekend was spent bar hopping on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. The first round, was led by 21-year-old little sister. She knew the ins-and-outs of where to dance (the fruit don't fall from the tree) and where to drink for free. If you need to know where to party in Austin, Texas, she is your girl.

Where to Party In Austin, Texas

She cracked me up. Her method was perfect: walk down the street, the “bouncer” (usually a skinny kid with facial hair) asks if you'd like a round on them (of course we would), we'd take our drink, dance for a minute, then it was on to the next spot.

Then I went with a little more sophisticated (aka older) crowd to upper sixth for a bachelorette party. This is where you might have to wait in line but we managed to cover the area without waiting much.

I was in Austin for my friend's Bachelorette party (#allyslastrallyatx15 was our hashtag) and it was Mean Girl's themed since they are getting on October 3rd- national Mean Girls day- and because Mean Girls is awesome. But more on that later.

Since I've had my bachelorette party in Austin, and it's only a short drive from Dallas, I've had my fair share of nights out in Austin, so I wanted to make a little guide of fun places to party- day or night.

South Congress Street Austin

Below you can find a map of all the places discussed in this post:

[powr-map id=85b8cd1f_1511446988]

If you're looking for some local flavor and good eats (as well as the perfect spot to take those famous “I love you so much” pictures) then head to Congress street (pictured above). You'll get a great view of the capital and if you're lucky, some live music…

I love you so much Austin Texas
austin cowboy

We ate at South Congress Cafe. There's going to be a wait, but they have a great back patio with fans to beat the heat and chilled bloody marys, complete with chips and salsa for some Texas flavor.

south congress cafe austin


bloody mary austin

Night time bar hopping is best in Austin. You really can't go wrong. West Sixth street is full of casual and sprinkled with upscale bars with patios and twinkling lights. Star Bar is a smaller, quieter bar with two patios. The Ranch is next door with two levels, complete with DJs and bar games.

downtown austin, texas at night

If you're ready for a rowdier crowd then East, aka Dirty Sixth Street is where to go. There's loud music blaring, people of all kinds – young and old, but mostly college kids, sauntering down the street and girls stumbling in their platform wedges. It's wonderful people watching.

All of the bars there are a good time. But, since I'm giving out recommendations, I'm going to tell you what I believe are the best bars of Dirty Sixth in Austin. They are virtually all the same, so if someone offers you a free drink, step inside.

dancefloors of Austin Texas

I prefer Maggie Maes- cheap drinks and dancing, Driskill Bar- a little (tiny) bit more upscale, The Jackalope- a great dive bar, Friends- has a stage and very sweet, cheap drinks, The Rooftop bar for good music and dancing,
Lastly, don't miss The Blind Pig. With full bars upstairs and downstairs, it's a sweaty dance party with a great view of the street.

If you're ready to get over your hangover and you're still near Sixth street head to Easy Tiger for a creekside oasis and beer garden. It's a gorgeous hangout and perfect to put your shades on and eat brunch.

Easy Tiger Austin 6th street

For fine dining, check out Peche on 4th street. A dimly lit restaurant filled with chandelier and an expertly crafted menu full of comfort food and delicious cocktails. Perfect restaurant to celebrate a bride to be.

Bachelorette Party in Austin Texas

If you venture off Sixth Street, head over to Rain on 4th Street, it's worth it to check out this gay bar with the light up dance floor. Barbarella on Red River Street is great if you have eclectic music taste- playing 80's to dirty rap.

Don't forget to grab Torchy's Tacos is you need a pick-me-up after all that drinking.

So there you have it, those are my recommendations on where to go out in Austin. Have you been before? What is your favorite place?