The title has multiple meanings. I am backing it up to two years ago and talking about my bachelorette weekend for throwback Thursday with my girl Julia. How clever am I? 
Not that clever.
So I haven't really talked about my wedding on this blog.
That's mainly because this blog is much younger than my wedding, which was two years ago.
But two years ago I was gearing up for my bachelorette party.
Which in short, was epic.
I must warn you: most of these pictures I have full on stank face (ie dancing face) or I'm just being weird.
Can you blame me?
The majority of this weekend was about letting loosing and drinking heavily.
Also, it's full of penis things. 

On Friday, 5 of us piled into a car and drove to Austin from Dallas.
Road trips are always a blast.
We met two of my other bridesmaid there and they outdid themselves with the penis decorations around the room.

If you can't tell, that is a penis cake with a Ken doll on it. And penis candles, duh.

We went out to a Mexican food restaurant and then out dancing. That was my only request: DANCING.

After getting some dancing in we went back to the hotel and had a lingerie shower.
I was pretty toasty so I tried on every single outfit. Now, it's become the tradition. Every bachelorette party, the bride tries on everything. After getting sloshed, of course.

The next day we had breakfast and then laid out at Barton springs.
Barton Springs is a man made pool filled with water from a natural spring, so it's freezing but also awesome.

Saturday night was the big night out. We went to a nice restaurant and then went out on 6th street.

Here's the thing about me at a bachelorette party: I just don't care.
Take a shot Helene. Sure! Dance on a table Helene. OK! Be really weird. I already am!

I had the best time. Michael said he had the best time in Vegas, but I disagree. I mean, did he wear a penis nose? I don't think so.

So basically it was perfect and I think every one should get married just for the sole purpose of having a bachelorette party.

Where did you have yours or where would you have your bachelorette?

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