Life ain't a track meet, it's a marathon.

I apologize for opening up this post with a rap lyric (Ice Cube's “You Can Do It” is still one of my all time faves). But I'm feeling amped up! I'm going back to Dallas for the first time since July, I know y'all, such a long long time ago. And I'm feeling ecstatic after my webinar last night: Get Noticed Now. Chatting with other bloggers just makes me so happy.

State Fair of Texas, Dallas

Tonight my Mom picks me up from the airport and I have a whirlwind weekend ahead of me:
State Fair of Texas to see pics from last year, click that link. The girl who's wedding I'm going to is a professional photographer and we went to take pics last year. All the fried food in hi-def.
– A Rehearsal Dinner
– Wedding (I'm in this one and I can't wait!)
– After the wedding I'm going to a very late night concert at my favorite venue in Dallas: The Lizard Lounge. It's safe to say I'll be the only one in a bridesmaid dress.
– Dinner at Reunion Tower
– Seeing all my friends including this girl!!
I will be without a car and I intend to fully embrace that. It will be like the old days when I have to rely on my parents to pick me up from school and soccer. After all, I probably should have had my license revoked after my hit and run accident

Some things I've noticed about Nashville:
– The Tornado warning here (at least the testing) sounds kind of like music out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Not alarming, just kind of creepy.
– I am dying on my bike (this could also be because I'm extremely out of shape… maybe) the hills here are tough.
– Hot chicken might just be too hot for me, I am weak.
– People here drive slower.
– People here are genuinely nice.
–  There are not enough Chik Fil A's (Helene, stop thinking about food.)

I'll be documenting the fun on instagram @heleneinbetween and Snapchat, username: helenesula. Now, I should probably go pack my bag.

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