It kind of hit me lately that I'm growing up. I'm 28 years old and I've still got quite a lot of bad habits. I'm not ashamed. But I do have a goal to be more of an adult once I hit age 30 (which is just two short years away).

So here we go, 15 Things I'll Stop Doing in My 30's:

15 Things I'll Stop Doing in My 30's

1. Eating fast food after a night out. Just because you've had something to drink doesn't mean you need greasy fries. Just go to bed, Helene!

2. Biting my nails.

3. Drinking Diet Cokes for breakfast.

4. Drinking Diet Coke at all. 

5. Stop worrying about what others think.

6. Disliking someone because my friend dislikes someone.

7. Wearing friendship bracelets (maybe I should have stopped that after age 13.)

8. Shopping at Forever 21.

9. Looking at my phone doing mindless things when I could be productive.

10. Listening to Boy Bands.

11. Doing Buzzfeed quizzes.

12. Staying out late on the weekends.

13. Highlighting my hair. (I hate it and it takes forever.)

14. Wearing ratty sweatpants in public.

15. Caring about whether or not any of the above is age appropriate, and just do what I want!

When I first started making this list, I was serious. I really should stop drinking diet coke and biting my nails is a bad habit. Really bad. But, there are a lot of things women (and men) are told they're supposed to do at a certain age. You know what? I don't care.

Age really is just a number, after all. If it's weird for me to be shopping at Forever 21 at age 30, then so be it. I might still be shopping there when I'm old and gray. I think the point of life is to be completely fine with who you are. There's nothing wrong with listening to boy bands or wearing sweatpants in public.

My only, real, hope is that as I get older I'm comfortable in who I am and not stressed about how the general public views my life. So #5 is really, the only one that counts on this list. In the end, I'm sure I'll continue to do all of these things because I've never really stopped doing anything. I'm no quitter.

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