Last night, as I watched Chris on ABC's season 19 of the Bachelor, I realized that I'd been watching this show for a very long time. I already know it's the same thing every season. The same plot. The same type of girls, and boy. Every year I say I'll skip this season. But every year (except for Juan Pablo's Season), it beckons me back to watch as the ridiculous drama unfold.

I used to recap the episodes, I don't intend to ever do that again. But I do want to give my two cents on what I've learned the past few years of watching the show.

1. Every year, Chris Harrison announces that this season is different. I sit and nod and pour more wine, knowing that it's not.

2. Give anyone enough alcohol, and you'll find drama.

3. Each man and woman has a great life: success, family, and good looks. But there's something that's missing. The Bachelor is the answer to mend this hole.

4. Looking off into the distance will always convey yearning and thinking. Always. Incorporate into your everyday life to add impact.

5. Never underestimate the power of the word amazing. Amazing is amazing. The view, the date, the person, you name it: amazing.

6. Your current job can be pretty much anything, including but not limited to: a jumbo tron operator, a former NFL cheerleader, etc.

7. First impressions really are everything. So put on some lipstick.

8.  The best way to find a mate is to date as many people as possible. And make out with them all.

9. There will always be a crazy person in any large group of people.

10. Guys will say anything to get with you.

11. Love is always a competition.

12. Crying is always the right thing to do in almost any situation.

13. Really, it's all about trust. But who's being truthful?

14. Reality (TV) isn't real, but I like to pretend it is. This definitely isn't scripted… right?

15. Love is a journey. And you best be on the journey for the right reasons.

Side note, favorites right now are Tara (the drunk girl, I mean, she is awesome, even if he didn't pick her), Britt (the first impression rose girl, she's sweet and pretty but seems like she has a few screws loose, can't wait to watch her), Ashley I (because she looks like a Kardashian and she's a “virgin”).

What have you learned? Are you as addicted as me?