Spring has officially spring in Dallas. Everything seems to be prettier and everyone seems to be a little happier. Or maybe that's just me. April is one of my favorite months of them all: I got engaged this month, Michael's birthday is this month, I got married this month, and, of course, Easter is this month.

I love the memories and happiness that Spring and April bring. Here are 15 things that happen every Spring:

– My allergies start. The pollen is in the air, and also in my nose.

– I eat my weight in crawfish. Crawfish season is the best season.

– Days are longer and we can sit outside and eat. Without the bugs bothering us yet.

– When the temperature drops slightly, like it did yesterday, I'll complain about it and wonder if spring has really sprung.

– I'll attempt to do Spring cleaning. And not get much done.

– I buy peeps despite the fact they aren't my favorite. They're just pretty.

– My mom will go overboard on Easter, giving us mounds of candy, trinkets, and more.

– I'll eat Reese's eggs as if there's no tomorrow. WHY are they so good?

– Michael will now live in tank tops and shorts. No matter the temperature. 

– We'll decorate Easter eggs with Sharpie markers.

– Students on Spring Break will make me wish I was still in College. 

– Michael will ask for the worst things for his birthday. On the list this year? House shoes, a service dog collar (um, okay…), and fly tying vice. All of this has no instruction on where, what sizes, colors, etc.

– I flock to outdoor activities. Like this past weekend's Deep Ellum Arts Festival.

– Michael and I play tennis at least once a week. I'll always keep score in my head. Currently, he's winning. But I won't tell him that. 

– I take pictures of almost every flower I pass by. But it's so pretty!

What do you do every spring?