It's no secret that Texas people love Texas. We have a deep pride for our state that is almost unmatched to the other 49.

1. It's hot. We have about three seasons: Cold, Hot and Literally Cannot Go Outside Right Now How. Oh, and it can change at the drop of a cowboy hat.

2. The most important person on the planet is from here: Beyonce (Also George Strait, Selena, George Bush, Usher, and Miranda Lambert to name a few).

3. The higher the hair, the closer to God.

4. We have America's Team. (Even if we don't win very often).

5. The Alamo.

6.  You can wear cowboy boots virtually anywhere; including your wedding day.

7.Our pride is just like our state, bigger than yours.

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8. Dr. Pepper was invented here.

9. They call it “Tex-Mex” for a reason. Queso is Tex-Mex.

10. Friday Night Lights is the real deal here, football is everything. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

11. NASA.

12. We have the best ice cream known to man: Blue Bell. Ben and who?

13. Our economy is booming. Want a job? Move here.

14. We've got nature covered too:

 Hamilton Pool in Austin, Texas

15. No matter where you go, you'll always have Texas in your heart.

The point is, you just don't mess with it. And we could secede if we wanted, we just think America looks better with us. Texas forever!