“There are no fences in Nashville.”  Michael and I repeated this observation throughout our search for a new home. With two dogs, a fenced-in yard is a priority. More on the house hunting later.

We arrived in Music City late Thursday night, rented a car, and headed to our friend's house in East Nashville. We woke up Friday determined to see as many houses as possible over the weekend. Our requirements were simple: close to the city but not right in town, safe, yard for the dogs, two bedrooms. While many houses met our criteria, we were astonished to find many houses didn't have fences. When we inquired, it seemed no one had a solid answer. If anyone knows, please do tell.

Overall, we felt the city is intimate. Dallas is spread out, with long stretches of highway. Driving across town can take 30 minutes. In Nashville everything is close by, no more than a 10-minute hop.

And we did a lot of hopping around. Friday night we went to a block party with unlimited beer and barbeque. After, went to Five Points Pizza and to the bar next door.

Saturday we again focused on house-hunting. But the fun started when we tagged along to a “Gay Wedding Pool Party.” Our friend had known the couple since she was a little girl. They hosted the wedding at their beautiful home in Inglewood.

Just days after the Supreme Court decision, we felt honored to witness this intimate, historic event at the couple's sprawling house overlooking the Cumberland River. The ceremony was beautiful and meaningful — not a dry eye in the house as this couple was finally, legally sanctioned to exchange vows.

Incredible food, delicious wedding cake, and we didn't have to wait 20 minutes after eating to plunge in their fresh water pool.

We later went to a 4th of July house party with red, white, and blue jello shots and lots of Palm Breezes. (I am basically a poster girl for Palm Breeze.) And to think I was worried about making friends. Not a problem.

After the festivities we headed up river and boarded a boat to watch the fireworks. Nashville was slated to have the largest fireworks display in the country this year. And it did not disappoint! Country star Martina McBride sang on a stage by the river. We could hear her from our boat as we cruised near the bridge.



Next, the symphony played as the fireworks show began. Watching some of the best fireworks I've ever seen, I held Michael's hand and got a little
teary eyed. (I am a total sap.) It punctuated our excitement about the future
and the little journey we are starting.



On Sunday we enjoyed fried chicken and waffles and cruised around more neighborhoods. We narrowed it down to a few houses we love and hopefully will make a decision soon. August 1st, here we come!