My favorite part about the weather heating up means it's time for patio sitting and cocktail sipping. You can find me most night out on my deck with an ice cold beverage in my hand.

I have a particular affinity for drinks that are not overly sweet that you can savor and sip while the sky changes colors. That's just what I intended to do when I made this Palm Breeze Pineapple Mandarin Orange Drink.

This new flavor from Palm Breeze is delicious. It's extremely refreshing. It comes in Rudy Red Citrus or Pineapple Mandarin Orange. I don't like beer, at all. But This is made with a flavored malt beverage. Which means it's alcoholic with a malt base, similar to a beer. So, this is basically the only beer I'll drink. And I love that I have something in a can I can grab.

It's the perfect companion with dinner at dusk, by the pool, or any outdoor activity.

I added a few fresh fruits and a little gin for a fun cocktail recipe.


1 Can Palm Breeze Pineapple Mandarin Orange

1 oz. gin

5-6 Mint leaves 

2-3 Orange slices


I chopped up the mint leaves. Poured the Palm Breeze into my cup. Added the gin. Squeezed the orange slices and put them on top of the liquid. Then put a handful of the chopped mint. Stir.
Palm Breeze is hosting events throughout the country (San Diego, Dallas, Austin, and Washington DC) at Blo Dry Bars. You can sip Palm Breeze while being pampered! I'll be attending the event in Dallas on May 28th. RSVP here or WIN a trip to the Austin one, here.

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