Tips for Styling Your Instagram Photos

Having now over 18,000 instagram followers has taught me a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to this social media channel. And knowng what you're doing can be helpful and even create new opportunities for me.

Instagram is it y'all. Creating an engaged instagram presence is one of the best ways to get people to read your blog. Heck, just having a great instagram can lead to so many opportunities, blogging or not. I've been on the Instagram train for quite a while, but haven't posted some fresh tips.

8 Tips for Styling Your Instagram Photos

For the past year I've worked hard to create a beautiful instagram aesthetic that people want to be involved in. At first, I thought instagram was instant. Take a picture and post it. But now, I realize it's so much more. I've worked really hard to create a place to share my life, while gaining new followers. I've multiplied my followers ten-fold and want to share some of my suggestions.

Here are my tips for styling your instagram photos.

1. Lighting
Make sure you are getting a lot of natural light. This really helps make great, pretty photos. The best time of the day tends to be about 10 am – 12pm. Get near a window and snap away.

2.  Create a theme
Do you notice when you go to some accounts all the images are pleasing, but they all come together to show a beautiful, cohesive theme or aesthetic? Some bloggers pick a color scheme or style their photos a certain way each time. It will keep your followers interested and create a story.

3. Use colors
Using bright colors or pastels are eye-catching. Sometimes people scroll though instagram quickly, you want to make them stop and look! I love photos that have a similar aesthetic throughout.

4. Organize
Take the items you want to photograph and play around with how they are displayed. I take a picture, look at it, rearrange and then do it again. Some times I might take a dozen (or more) pictures until I find one that works.

5. Be authentic
Just like a blog post, people can tell when a photo is forced. So be yourself and share what's going on! Share your story using the caption. Remember, you don't have to just focus on the image.

6. It's okay to crop
Your picture doesn't have to showcase absolutely everything. Leave the viewer guessing.

7. Straighten
Instagram has a great “adjust” feature that allows you to straighten the image and make sure it's not crooked.

8. Don't over filter
I edit, I don't filter. My favorite app for editing photos is Afterlight and A beautiful Mess's new app “A Color Story”. If I really want to use a filter, I'll use VscoCam.

Be on the lookout, next week, I have something totally free for your Instagram and your blog!

These are my top 8 tips for styling my instagram photos. Jump on the hashtag train and se “#photosinbetween” to your next pic, I promise, it's fun. Want to get some ideas on how to take AWESOME pictures? Here are 14 Photo Ideas for Instagram that you can steal.

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I need to get Instagram! I’ve been dragging my feet… mommatogo.com

Great tips! They're so helpful to a new blogger such as myself. Thank you!

Great tips! They're so helpful to a new blogger such as myself. Thank you!

Great tips! I think I struggle the most with captions. I never know what to write underneath!
Evelina @ Fortunate House

Awesome tips! I've been trying to get better about sticking with a theme on my feed!

Great tips!

Her Heartland Soul

Your instagram pics are awesome. These are some great tips, and going to try to start using these. Already put the hashtag on my photo. Guess I need to start doing mine on weekends cause I don't get home till it is starting to get dark.

I'm so happy that it isn't pitch black when I get home from work now…. it was so hard to get enough light for insta photos, i've been faking it the past several months. The bright color tip is also excellent. It's odd, I find black and white to always be pretty but bright colors get way more likes.

After enrolling in Instagram for Success I realized what you were saying all along, filtering does really take the realness out of photos that I wanted. My growth isn't huge (yet) but I'm so much more pleased with my overall feed

All your Instagram tips are always on point!

The minute I started to have a theme for my instagram and actually really working on it…..that is when I noticed a huge jump in my brand work!

Instagram is my favorite social media outlet and I'm really trying to build my following. So these tips are much need and appreciated!

I rarely use filters. I have photoshop on my phone and use that among other apps to edit my pictures. I'm still getting used to the idea of themes and organizing my pictures. I love coming to your blog, you always have excellent suggestions 🙂

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