This time of year always makes me nostalgic for college. The late nights spend in the library cramming for tests, pounding caffeine while eating whatever was nearest to me, and rubbing bloodshot eyes not minding the extra hours spent because I knew the lazy days of summer were around the corner.
I don't have the luxury of a summer break anymore. But my little sisters (who are about to turn 21!) are in the process of studying for finals right now. I wanted to send them a finals survival kit. Something to help them manage the last few weeks of school. This should help them stay alert and healthy. My little sisters are finishing up their sophomore year of college. They
constantly tell me about how “stressed” and how nervous they
are about finals.
I went to CVS and found some cute things and necessities that I thought they could use.

What's in the basket?
– Peanut Butter
– Dried fruit (side note, there was more dried fruit than this but I ate it. This is the best dried druit ever. Also, they flash freeze it so it doesn't shrink up. The apple one (not pictured because I scarfed it down) is 20 calories per serving and only 60 calories per bag. So yeah, I ate the whole bag).
– Rice Crisps and Rice Pop clusters- something they can grab and eat when they're limited on time.
-Allergy medicine – This is the worst time of year for my sinuses.
– Russin DM 0 for chest and cough congestion. Dorms are notorious places for picking up germs.
– Air freshener. Don't forget to save some time to shower.
– Laundry detergent.
– Post it notes and highlighters.
– A notepad to take some notes.
– A jump drive. May come in handy for those pesky last minute papers due.

Let's hope they get all A's. Or else.