A couple weeks ago I talked about What Companies Are Looking For in A Blogger. One of those things, I think, is great to have on hand, is a media kit.
Whether you're a newbie or you've been around the blogging block, it's always a good idea to have a media kit. Basically, a media kit is a quick way to show your value. It's a pre-packaged set of promotional materials describing what you're all about.

It does take some time to create one but in the end you have something you can quickly send out to anyone that's interested. And that can mean money, free stuff, or a chance at a partnership with a company.

This is how I made mine and it's not as intricate as others out there, just an over all snapshot of my blog.

How to Make a Media Kit For Your Blog:

1.  Gather your information.
Have your stats: pageviews, followers, google analytics (if you have that) on hand so you can use that in your Media kit.

2. Decide what tool you will use to design it.
You can use Microsoft paint, PicMonkey, Photoshop etc. I used PicMonkey to organize and write mine out.

3. Your picture.
Pick a picture of yourself, I used one that I had on my blog but not on the home page. It's just personal preference.

4. Keep the design in ling with your blog.
I used fonts and colors that you can find on my blog. If you don't have those ask your blog designer or use what's closest or clearest.

5. Introduce yourself. (Is it just me or does this make anyone else think of cheerleading? My name's Helene and I'm a Bearcat! Ok sorry…)
Have a short introductory paragraph about who you are and what your blog is about. Don't make them guess what your focus is, give it to them straight.

6. List stats.
I listed followers on different social media platforms and also included a screen shot of my current pageviews.

7. Services.
What can you do? Or, what would you like to do. Ideally, I would be traveling the world reviewing music festivals, so to a degree, that's on there. List what you cover.

8. MOST IMPORTANT: How can they find you?
List contact information clearly as well as the URL of your blog.

Here's my media kit:

That's it! See, it wasn't so bad.

I've created a media kit you can use and edit. You can even change up the colors to match your brand! Download your free media kit here!

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