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Men inherently don't understand women's beauty products. Part of that is because they don't use them. The other part is because they don't want to know. Which, isn't really fair. So, I decided to get Michael's opinion on the products I use, to see what he thinks.

Nailing it
I paint my nails probably once a day or once every other day. For someone that used to never have paint on their nails, this surely is a change. Michael is always baffled by this.
Michael says: “That seems like an awful lot of work. What is up with this clear one?”

I think almost everyone in this world is plagued with chapped lips. I keep one near me at all times. Did you just go reach for some to put on after reading this? It's like yawning, you have to do it. (Sorry if you now have to yawn.)
Michael says: “Okay, yes. I use this.”

No Acne Zone.

I don't know about you but I still get them all the time. I thought when I turned 22 they would go away, but I'm 28 and they still happen.
Michael says: “Are you breaking out? Can I use this?”


I don't use this everyday, but I do tend to get oily. This is a great way to hide it, as well as cover up imperfections. 
Michael says: “This is what people used to put on their wigs.”

Safe sun.

I do put on sunscreen everyday. I use a lotion with SPF 15 to help combat the aging process. I want to live forever! Or look young as long as I can.

Michael says “I should probably do this more often. Smart.”

When I feel good, I look good. These products are used almost every day. Just like with Carefree daily liners.
They've launched a new video asking men to identify women's beauty weapons and the result is pretty hilarious:

Watching guys get up close and personal with women's stuff proves they could learn a thing or two. Right, Michael? When you feel fresh, you feel fierce. 
What are some of your everyday beauty products?

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