As a blogger, I believe it's our duty to tell the world (or maybe just those few reading) when you find the holy grail of products. Maybe it's a new sunscreen (as Nadine discovered) or a trick for your nails that makes them dry faster. Whatever that may be, I have found one that I had to share with you today.

If I had to pick one part of myself that I wouldn't say entirely sucked, I would say my eyes. They seem to change color depending on the clothes I wear, between a green and blue. When we first started dating, Michael would dart his eyes back and forth between both of mine and when I asked him why, he said he figured he could always tell what I was thinking through my eyes, “but I have to see them both.” He's weird.

Also, if I had to pick one beauty products to live with for the rest of my life it would be mascara. I'm fair skinned and haired so my eyelashes don't always show up. And I love mascara. I will try them all. I've bought the expensive kind at Sephora, to the cheap kind and honestly- never ever notice a difference between the two. I've stuck close for a few years to my Loreal Double Extend mascara.
That was until, I saw this product.
First and foremost, I did receive this product for free. But this is a little different. I heard about this wonderous mascara and sought out Emelia for the product. I just knew that I had to try it and wanted to get a glimpse of what it would be like. My life changed. You guys, Younique 3D Fiber Lashes is everything.

This is hands down the best mascara I've ever used. And I'm not just saying that. The proof is in the pictures. I will never ever use another mascara again.


I mean, I'm sorry, this is a transformation. I am officially hooked for life.

Saturday was the first day I used the product and people actually asked me if I was wearing fake lashes.
Because Emelia is awesome she's giving one of you the chance to win the Younique 3d Fiberlash Mascara!

You can purchase your own Younique 3D Fiberlash Mascara here and Emelia will give you a free eye pigment as a thank you!
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