I have an actual scary Halloween story for you. Last night, after a fun Halloween night handing out (and eating) candy, Michael and I discovered that Hugo created a large pile of mud in the backyard from running around. After we spent a solid 20 minutes cleaning him up, we decided he'd stay inside for the rest of the night and the next day. That was until 3 am that we smelled something. He was farting. And it was bad. Bad enough to wake me up in the middle of the night. Long story short, I had to stand outside every hour on the hour while holding Hugo on a leash in our backyard so he could do his business without stepping in mud. The things we do for dogs.

Ok on today's real topic at hand. Have you ever read a new blog and thought: this girl just gets me? Well that is the Katie, from The Style Dunce. She's quick witted and has style on top of that. Now if only she could teach me a thing or two. I have her on the blog today and we are both answering some questions.

1. You have to wear the same outfit every day this winter. What is it?
Katie: So I have this dream where I’m cool enough to wear black leather leggings that I’d pair with some over-sized cashmere sweater and ridiculously tall, spiky, black booties, but the only problem is I don’t own any of these things. And also, as if I want to walk around in high heels every day. That’s like a personal circle of hell for me. So it’d probably be this outfit, which is basically the opposite of what I just described. But it’s comfortable, the boots are flat and once the thermal gets dirty I can claim an intentional grunge look. 

Helene: Stretchy pants (aka leggings), boots (flat ones) and a oversize sweater. Comfort or nothing. So basically the same as above. I have a good feeling most girls feel this way.

2. What is the most vain beauty product you've ever purchased?
Katie: I have nothing on Youtube beauty gurus, but the sheer amount of make-up brushes and make-up, in general, that I own would probably be considered hella vain to people who don’t care about that stuff. But the most vain thing would probably be the Dermablend (you know, from the infomercial) leg and body cover I bought to put on this mosquito-bite looking scar on my leg. Without it, the scar is this noticeably pink bump and I’m vain enough to let it bother me. Dermablend itself isn't expensive ($25), but I let the sales lady talk me into a powder veil to “seal” it (another $25). 

Helene: Katie's is pretty awesome. I needed inspiration so I asked Michael what was the dumbest/vainest beauty purchase and he immediately shouted “That lip venom stuff” so I'm going with that. I bought it and it literally burned my lips. Then I kissed Michael (yes, on purpose) and he FREAKED out. It was kind of funny. I should do that again.
If we are being real here, Michael's fake glasses might be the worst purchase ever. JK, he found them on the ground at TomorrowWorld. But he wears them too much,

3. Whose celebrity closet would you raid?
Katie: It would have to be Taylor Swift’s. I don’t love love her everyday clothes but girl has got some gorgeous red carpet style and you know I would also grab all her red lipstick and black eyeliner. Does it matter that I never attend red carpet stuff? Nope. Next question.
Helene: I would love to have to have Kate Bosworth's closet. But then I also need her tiny figure too.

4. What's the dumbest piece of fashion you've ever wanted to buy?
Katie: I feel like this story always starts with Anthropologie. They sell some of the cutest stuff and some of the ugliest stuff in one massively over-priced package. One winter I desperately wanted a cardigan in this horrible mustard color that had patches of different fabrics on it, including floral prints and god knows what else, but for some reason I really liked it. Ugly chic, I guess? But as for something I've actually purchased it would definitely be my Steve Madden spiked loafers (did you just vomit? It’s okay). I love them and wear them, but I know they aren't for everyone. 

Helene: This past summer I bought a pair of neon yellow, crocheted shorts. I thought they would be cool for a music festival, but when I got home and actually put them together as an outfit I learned I made a horrible mistake. But I somehow still have them.

5. What's a favorite blog post you've written and why?
Katie: It would probably be any post I just had fun with like my life lessons from the Real Housewives or my post on the highs and lows of modeling for my blog, because I like that they showcase my sense of humor. My natural writing “voice” is definitely more suited for posts like that than, I don’t know, a really sweet, sincere post about why I love my boyfriend (okay, that sounds bad but hopefully you get my point).
Helene: This post just reminds me how ridiculous I am: My Signature Dance Move. It's a real thing, y'all.

6. What's one beauty product you can't live without?
Katie: I cannot and will not live without mascara, preferably Diorshow Iconic, but it’s a little pricey so really any will do. As long as my eyes look somewhat alive, then I am ready to face the world. 

Helene: Bronzer. I wear too much of it, but I feel like I look dead without it.

7. What's your favorite thing about blogging?
Katie: This is such a cliché answer, but definitely the people you meet while blogging. Before I started I thought of it as more of just something I would put out there for other people to read, but now I realize having a blog is so much more about community and the people you interact with 

Helene: I'm annoying I know, but the fact that I get to write something that somewhere might make a difference. I feel like I have somewhat of a platform, and that's pretty cool.

So, go say hi to Katie and check her out on Twitter or Bloglovin!