I've noticed there are some new people following this blog and, even if you aren't new, I'd like to tell you what I believe. Not in the religious sense. Just some of what I generally think is the most important. You can decide if we should be friends or not at the conclusion of this post.

Photo taken from my instagram. Hope you're following along with the #30PhotosInBetween Instagram challenge it started today!

I believe in…

– Keeping nails short, always.

– Going out, but only if I can dance.

– Perusing Half Price Books. It really IS my favorite book store.

– Moving to a different country one day. And maybe it's not as far off as I think.

– Pink – it will always be my favorite color. Especially if it's neon.

– The more rings the merrier. Midi ring fever, party of 1.

– Britney Spears will always hold a significant place in my heart, don't try to tell me differently. 

– Rice krispie treats are not good. Give me ice cream. Blue Bell is preferred.

– Popcorn is nothing short of amazing. Salty, sweet? DONE. 

– Dogs are the greatest pets. And are most definitely a girl's best friend.

– Girls nights are always a good idea. And talking it out is necessary. 

– Handwritten notes are appreciated. When in doubt, write it out.

– Most name brands are silly, and just a way for people to spend more money when you can easily get the same quality at Target or Forever 21.

– Spending money on travel is your best investment. And will probably teach you more than anything. 

– There's nothing better than an ice cold Diet Coke. Unless it's okay to drink wine.

– The 4th of July is the best holiday, right after Christmas. 

– I'm not sure if everything happens for a reason, but you have the ability to choose your own path and life is what you make it.

– You can't beat Texas. It may not be the prettiest, or have the best weather, but it's unparalleled. We also have the best State Fair, hands down. Not that I've been to any other state fairs, I just know.

– Live music is my happy place. Especially if it's electronic. Good music makes you feel things.

– Being independent is important. But, having a partner in crime is sometimes necessary. Especially one that makes you laugh so hard you get an ab workout and cry at the same time.

– I'll never really grow up.

– Dancing will make you feel good. Really good. We should all do it more often. It also burns a hell of a lot of calories. And why are they called calories if it's really Kcals? Weird.

– That baseball is the best and MOST American sport. 

– Wearing lipstick makes you feel confident.

– In creating a life where I never dread Mondays.

What do you believe in? And… would you be my friend?