Last week I announced I'd be starting an Instagram challenge: 30 photos in 30 days. I'm instagramming every day for the month of April and hope you'll join me. With the start of Spring and my instagram obsession, I thought this would be the best way to combine the two.

Here are the 30 prompts but please, do what you want!
Don't like the prompt? Change it up! Get creative! Throughout the month
I'll be using the hashtag: #30PhotosInBetween

This is open to anyone, not just bloggers. Encourage friends, family, whoever to join. You can save, pin, or print the image above. You can also instagram the image above yourself to spread the word! Also, here they are in written form in case you'd like to copy and paste:

1. A few of my favorite things
2. Where you find inspiration

3. Coffee Break
4. Pastels
5. Easter
6. #ViewFromAbove
7. Paw-sibly the cutest pet
8. Word Play
9. Lately Lusting
10. Who do you love?
11. Flower power
12. #ChasingLight
13. Pops of pink
14. Treat yo' self
15. Sippin' on
16. Favorite time of the day
17. Show me what you're workin' with
18. Colorful life
19. #MorningsLikeThese
20. Self portrait
21. Talk to the hand
22. The great outdoors
23. #PrettyLittleThings
24. Life is beautiful 
25. Fun in the sun
26. Omg, shoes
27.  #NailedIt
28. What I'm Reading
29.  My view
30. #TBT

Be sure to follow along with me @heleneinbetween and interact with others who are using the hashtag #30PhotosInBetween. You might find some new favorite accounts and pick up some followers of your own! I thought this would be a great way for us to connect and create more of a community on instagram. 

To kick off the challenge I am giving away $20 Starbucks gift card (hey, Starbucks is great for insta pics, right?).


Happy ‘gramming!