The other day my friend showed me the Kmart “Ship My pants” Commercial.
If you haven't seen it, it's hilarious.

But it has been banned from TV since the word “ship” sounds eerily similar to shit. AMERICA: get over it! It makes me sad that we stifle creativity like this. I don't believe we should control every little detail just because it's deemed “offensive.” And for some reason, this got me thinking: what do I believe in?

So I thought I'd tell you.

I believe:

Dancing until I'm so sweaty my shirt is wet
Singing loud for all to hear
That ice cream can solve problems
The importance of thank you notes

That everything is good in moderation, except some things are good in mass quantities, including popcorn

Traveling the world and seeing as much of it as possible

Staying young at heart forever

That supporting others means they support you

The irresistible feeling of listening to the bass drop of your favorite song 

That the person that annoys you the most also loves you the best (fine, and you love them the most)

Crossbody Bags

That being weird is necessary

Reading the fortune before eating the cookie

Standing up for what you feel is right, even if people disagree

That a dog is a girl's best friend

That some say the world's a stage, I say it's my dance floor.

What do you believe in?

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