I'd like to consider myself a girly girl. I love lipstick and hair and pretty things. I enjoy getting ready and singing into my blow dryer. I can't pass up a sale on cute clothes and I'm mindful of my posture. But, there are some very girly things that I just don't get.

1. Uber expensive name brands. I just feel like we're paying for the name, not necessarily for the quality.

2. Manicures. I know, believe me, this is probably very weird. But I don't understand spending $20+ on my nails when I can do it at home.

3. Most hair tools. Especially that curling iron wand. I don't get it. Also, I'm lucky if I blow dry my hair.

4. Filling in eyebrows. Maybe this is because I'm blonde but every time I try I look like a clown.

5. Cat eyes. Or really eyeliner in generally. I'm so bad at it. If I do wear it I just put it on half of my eye.

6. Bronzer. I always put on too much and have to wipe a quarter of it off.

7. Makeup brushes. Why are there so many and why are they so expensive?

8. Wearing heels. They hurt your feet and are bad for your calves. Plus, your legs don't look good in them if you can't walk.

9. Eyelash curler. Once, a lady a Sephora tried it on me and it reminded me of a torture device. Plus, is it really necessary?

Do you agree? Or are you the ultimate girl?