So yesterday the ever brilliant Sami tweeted me a link to Thought Catalog's “21 Theories of Why The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now” and how I should do one about how “RIP, I just killed the club.”
You know the Flo Rida Song, ‘The Club Can't Handle Me' If you don't then I'm sorry and I danced to it hardcore at my wedding. I was a super attractive bride.

I'll give you a little back story. I love this song by Young Jeezy featuring 2 Chainz. Sometimes I tweet about it at 2:04 in the morning:
And I did. 
I killed the club. 
What does this mean, you ask?
Well it means you go so hard, get so krunk that the club is now Resting in Peace. Hence the R.I.P.
But that's a very loose explanation of how I killed the club. 
Here are 12 LITERAL theories of how I just killed the club:
1. I walked into the club and it's dies from how good I look.
2. The club drank so much it passed out.
3. The club was sick and already on it's last leg.
4. There was lightbulb that was broken and the club caught on fire. It never recovered.
5. The club never paid it's taxes on time and the IRS shut it down.
6. The club tried to #backthatazzup and ending up falling off a ledge.
7. The club is acting like it's better than everyone else and now no one is the club's friend anymore.
8. The club had a rare form of club-itis and passed away at 10:52 A.M.
9. The club was in a volatile relationship that ended in tragedy.
10. The club is your mom.
11. The club is crushed by the haters.

but the real reason….
12. I danced so hard at the club, I danced it to death.
I know this because I have remnants of the club in my purse.


Have YOU ever killed the club?

If this is not the weirdest post ever I don't know what is.

And the winner from yesterday's post for the best Google Keyword Search is….
KAITLYN from Put a Bow on It.

It was so hard but her's were just amazing. First of all the title of her post was “Feel better soon whore.” This is just hilarious. She also had wacky things like “Coach purse making me nauseous” “a woman is never too old to wear bows” and my personal favorite “www.puta.jped photo” because that's just plain awesome.

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And for your viewing pleasure:

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