It seems lately bloggers are inundated with requests from companies to pimp their items. Some of those emails benefit both the blogger and the company: maybe they will send you some free swag, promise to share your blog on their social media, or the best option, pay you for your time and effort.
If you blog, you know the majority of those emails offer none of the above.

my answer to working with advertisers

The emails usually go something like this:
 Dear Blogger,

    My name is Jane Doe and I represent Company ABC. While browsing the internet I couldn't help but notice your flair for style and taste. That's why we thought your blog would be a perfect fit for this campaign.
    We're reaching out to a select group of bloggers to blog about Company ABC. We'd like you to create a blog post about Company ABC. We think your readers will really enjoy it. Then we'll pick our favorites and might share them on social media! This will be a great opportunity for you to post about us.
I look forward to hearing from you,
 Jane Doe

I get these email blasts at least 4 times a week. I used to get really angry every time. Why would I want to do this? Don't they know I don't work for free? I usually want to fire off a nasty email back. I haven't necessarily worked both sides, but I do know that PR and Marketing companies are often hired to work with the company to help get the word out about their stuff. So that means if I yell at them, there is a good chance I might work with the same person for a different company down the line.
So instead, I came up with a blanket email response that I send back each time. Explaining my worth, how much I charge, and why they should work with me:

my answer to advertisers

 The number in red, I change up depending on the advertiser, the product, or what they're asking of me. I keep a saved draft of this on hand so I can quickly copy and paste an answer, instead of concocting an email each time. It also helps me keep my cool since I have a standard answer each time.

It's important for bloggers to know your worth! Don't let companies run you over, you do have some say in your compensation. At the very least, they can respond with a no and move on.

Do you get these emails from advertisers? How do you respond?


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Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday
Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday