READ THIS! This blog post is haunted. If you don't forward this post
along to at least 10 people, you'll never meet the love of your life
because they'll die. You will have misfortune for the rest of your life
and never be able to take a good, hot shower.
Sorry, facts are facts.

Brace yourselves, for this car selfie.

You know these chain emails? They have now made their way over to instagram.
It's true. I was stalking Kendall Jenner (I'm ashamed to admit how often
I do this) and people write things like this in the comments. Such as, if you don't go check out their instagram, this will surely happen to you.

Anyway I wanted to do the same with this post in the hope it will catch your attention.
I have a quick survey I'd love for you to answer. It is about my blog,
and though I've done a blog questionnaire in the past, I've never really
polled my readers before. I'd really like to know what kinds of posts
people like. So please do me the honor and answer it (it's super short,
anonymous, and multiple choice). Otherwise, you'll be cursed. The truth hurts.

Thank you in advance for taking the survey!