The Business of Blogging

When I started blogging, I thought this would be a fun hobby. One where I could get creative and talk about the mundane or exciting things I found interesting. But blogging has turned into a passion of mine. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it often.
But I enjoy it. It's brought me to connect with a lot of great people and do things I would never have the chance to do. I never knew that blogging would take up so much of my time and how much money I'd spend on the blog itself. Sarah and I were talking about this the other day, so I give her full credit for the idea of this post.
Here are a few things I spend my money on for my blog, I'll break down how much each thing costs for a year.

The Business of Blogging - How Much money I spend on my blog

Things I buy for my blog:

1. Domain Name.
 I use Go Daddy and it's $10 a year. I also pay additional for protection which is $8 for the year. So total = $18

2. Photo Editing 
I will admit that I am cheap. I haven't paid for photoshop and I honestly don't see myself doing that anytime soon. PicMonkey can do a lot of what photoshop does and it's super easy to use. Oh, and it's $4.99 a month or $33  for the year to upgrade to Royale. Right now PicMonkey is offering a free week of royale so check it out. I plan on doing a tutorial on all the things you can do with it. = $33

3. Advertising on Other Sites
This obviously varies dramatically, but I'd say $50 a month-ish. Sometimes I don't sponsor anyone and sometimes I sponsor a lot of people. This is something I will continue to do as it has helped my blog grow immensely. = $300 (rough guess)

4. Advertising for my site
I use Passionfruit to sell all of my ads. It's an easy way to keep track of them all. = $50

5. Facebook Boosts
I really think that this can help your blog. I don't do it every week, but once a month, if I have a post I really care about, I'll give it a boost. =$100

6. Blog Design
This is a must have for me. I have a vision but I'm not wonderful at putting that vision into action. So I use Social and Chic for that. = $150

7. Photobucket
I've been using Photobucket for a long time to upload photos but I never needed the extra space. That was until the #Blogtober14 link-up crashed it! I paid to upgrade so that I could have more storage. =$50

8. Drop Box
I use Drop Box to store photos from my phone and have them easily accessible on my other devices. It's great if you're one of those people that can't bear to delete a picture off your phone. This frees up a lot of storage so I can continue taking pictures.  =$100

9. Business Cards
 Last but not least, business cards. I never knew how much I'd need these, except when I didn't have them.I might be biased, but I think my cards look pretty awesome.


I got them from a store in Dallas (but they ship worldwide!) called Signazon. Pricing varies but mine our full color and double sided. These are some of the highest quality cards I've ever seen and I've already started handing them out to everyone I know. Just because they look so good. About 500 cards is $30.

Signazon doesn't just offer custom business cards. Any printing job you need, they do. Custom signs for your shop or small business or even your Halloween party. Marketing materials, car magnets, decals, refrigerator magnets (perfect for Save The Dates), and even invitations and thank you cards. Basically, all your business and printing needs. I like working with a store that will respond back to me directly and let's me customize every single aspect. I'll be using Signazon again and again.

Also, check out  10 places to find online business ideas for ecommerce websites.  This includes examples you can steal!! Totally useful.

So total, for the year, I'm spending about $531.

My e-course for Bloggers: Quit Your Job to Blog (as well as the others I offer) will help you decide what you should and shouldn't buy for your blog as well as how to establish a flourishing online community, monetize your blog RIGHT NOW, and build your brand! Check out more here.

What do you spend money on for your blog?

**Signazon sent me the cards to review, but all opinions are my own.


Absolutely LOVE this! I as of now don't spend that much yet but I have certain plans to upgrade my blog and make it a real business investment!

xo http://www.naomiinwonderland.com

I love this breakdown. It's true, we spend a decent amount of money just to get everything up and running the way it should be. It's a true business investment.

Amazing! I love how honest you are and how you give solid reasons for what you spend your money on.

X, Carina
Running White Horses

How do you only buy passionfruit membership for $50?? It is $89 a year for me

I'm thinking about using Passionfruit! Would love to speak to you about it or maybe a post idea??


I'm only 4 months into my blogging journey so it was really interesting to read this and see what the cost of a more established blog can be. I don't think I would spend that amount of money on my blog right now but it is a good benchmark for future reference 🙂 xx

Brenda BusyBee

your business cards are super cute – can't wait for your post on picmonkey, i feel like i've only scratched the surface with it 🙂

the only thing i have done for my blog other than sponsorships here and there is my domain name ($12/yr) and blogging platform ($149/yr). i use either PS at work or pilxr.com which is an online version of PS and totally free! 🙂

Best money I've spent is on Picmonkey. I don't have to use PhotoShop anymore and it's awesome.

GAHHH thank you for the shoutout!!!!!!! I guess I now have to add photoshop to my list! 🙁 🙁

Very interesting! The only money I've spent on my blog is for my domain name. I'm wondering if I should be doing these other things.

Sponsoring and Picmonkey are two things I spend money on too, thanks for these tips 🙂

I truly appreciate these tips. I love that you have a break down on how much each thing costs for a year.

Wow. This was such a great post. I just opened up like 3 new tabs! Thanks for the tips!!!

I need to get with the program! I'm always so hesitant to pay to be on other people's blogs but maybe I'll give it a try!

I haven't sponsored in a few months but all other costs are about what I am spending as well. I haven't done the Facebook boosts though.

What a great breakdown! I really need to start doing some sponsoring soon.

Thanks for sharing! I always wonder what other bloggers are doing for marketing and spending, especially for bloggers who also do this part-time (and not the full-time bloggers who are so well-known).


I spent money on the domain and a little bit for online storage every month. I haven't bought and ad in a long time, probably a year. Maybe I made bad choices when I did buy them, or maybe my blog doesn't appeal to the average reader, but they just never worked for me like they do for most!

This is so interesting! I am still fairly new to blogging, and didn't realize all of this went into it! Thank you so much for sharing Helene, I definitely learned a lot!

i've ordered business cards from 2 well known places and they were absolute garbage. like actual garbage. i'm willing to give this place a try!! but i'd want to upload my own design (like you did) but i'm unsure of the measurements the file should be to get the best quality and i can never find it on anyone's site…. it looks like Sarah may have made your file, if so, I'll ask her what pixels she used.

Nope I did it all myself! I used Pic Monkey. The business card dimensions for that are 1050 X 600 and that worked perfectly as far as dimensions go!

Well I guess if you want to make money from your Blogg you would have to spend quite a bit to get it noticed and look good. I just Blog as a hobby so I don;t spend anything right now but maybe that will change one day who knows haha . Your business cards look lovely and your Blogg is amazing. If spending what you are is getting you to where you want to be then why not xox

Great and interesting post. Gotta spend money to make money!! 😉

Thank you for being so candid about this Helene!! It's really helpful to think about what the yearly investment might look like. I think currently the most I've spent monthly is on sponsorships! And since I'm a hobby blogger, I chock most of the expenses up to just investing in an interest that I currently have (and hey, it's much cheaper than skiing!).

You have 2 #4s, FYI! I spend less, no facebook for me. And I totally scored on free advertising this year since I won a whole free year in your side bar over there 🙂 But yep, domain, passionfruit, picmonkey, design, all that jazz.

This is so true. I never thought about this when I first started blogging but it definitely makes your readers appreciate all the hard work you put into it.

Kind regards,
Nathaly Juarez

When I started my blog, I had no idea what I was getting into! And now here I am and I spend money on just about everything you named! It's totally worth it though. I'll have to sit down and calculate my spending, but I'm not so sure if I want to know!

This is super interesting! It's almost like the "what's in your bag" of blogging, haha. In particular, I'm really surprised to hear you boost your posts. I do that for clients all the time, but I just didn't believe it was as financially affordable for bloggers. I'd be curious to know who you target and that kind of thing.


I loved this breakdown and it has inspired me to do one of my own!!

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