For the past couple years my friends and I have an email chain entitled “Favorite song of the week.” Each week (or more accurately, whenever we find something really great) we email out the song. Music is such a huge passion of mine and I wanted a way to incorporate it more into this blog. And you know, not just posts about Tomorrowland.

I did “Weekend Playlists” for a while.

 I loved putting them together but wanted a way to include other music lovers with me as well.
Enter, Song of the Week Wednesday. I know there are some other music link ups, but after #Blogtober14 I wanted a way to keep the link up train going.
Here's the deal, every Wednesday they'll be a link up. Link up your favorite song of the week. You can embed a grooveshark song, upload a YouTube video, add from SoundCloud, or any other way you please. You can add it anywhere to your posts, I'll be adding it to the bottom of my posts each week!
So for today, mine is by Galantis ” Runaway( U & I)”

This song has been on repeat ever since I first heard it. Be prepared for lots of EDM, but link up whatever you want!
I'll admit, this is mostly for selfish reasons, so that I can see what others are listening to and add them to my Spotify playlists.
So link up every Wednesday for Song of the Week Wednesday, or #SOTWW every Wednesday!

Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday
Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday

I wanted to go ahead and include the link up so you can be prepared for next Wednesday!

Link up  here: