Blogging brings out some very odd things in me. Sure, there are the perks of being a blogger, but there are also some things that I do in the name of blogging that are just flat out weird. Lately, I feel like I need certain things for the blog. Knick knacks here and there are fine, but recently I've been going a little crazy:

Things I've done for the blog:
– Put my hair in a weird braid
– Become more organized
– Utilized more white in my images
– Checked instagram way too often

Things I've NEEDED for the blog:
– Coffee mug
– T-shirt
– Rings (like… 10 of them…)
– A Gold plate
Business cards
– One hand blown wine glass
– A frosted pink sprinkled donut
– Put my hair in a funky braid
– Nail Polish, at least 10 on them
– Fonts, that I've never used
Pic Monkey
– Selfie Stick
I never knew I needed a selfie stick until I had one, and now I totally can't live without it. This one is from ReTrak. I love it for taking pictures with the dogs, when I'm out and about, and let's face it, when I just can't stick out my arm far enough.

ReTrak has lots of other products such as retractable chargers, earbuds, auxiliary chords and more.

What have you done in the name of blogging?

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