How good are you at keeping secrets? I would say I am, when it matters.
One of my good friends was engaged recently. Her now fiancé planned a
surprise party after he proposed and I had to bite my tongue to not
spill the beans. I think I might have even acted a little funny around
her. I couldn't help it- secrets are hard!

Today I have a bit of a secret, in that,  #ineedsparkle shares with me. Everyone's favorite Kardashian,

Khloe, is confessing that she needs sparkle in this new YouTube video. But she's got a secret up her sleeve.
Check out the video, I espeically love her sparkle dress she wears at the end. And the fact that she has a wand and stuffed unicorn in her closet:

Now, just how do you embed a YouTube video? Don't worry, this is a secret I'm willing to share.

First, go to and look up what video you want to embed. Then copy and paste the link at the top of your browser:

Once you have the link, click on the video button, it's right next to the button you click on when you upload an image.

Once you click on it, select “From YouTube” and copy and paste the link.

Then click search. It will pull up some YouTube videos. Note: your video may not be at the top, so scroll down until you find it.

Click on your video. Click select and it will appear on your blog!

go to, find your video and click on the “share” button underneath the YouTube video. Select “embed video”. Select and copy the HTML code and paste the code in into your blog! (Make sure you are in “HTML” mode- for tips on that go here!)

So now you can embed videos, like Khloe's #INeedSparkle! 
Tell me: are you good at keeping secrets? What do you think Khloe has up her sparkly sleeves? The big REVEAL will be happening on September 25th… so check back then!

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