Blogging is the most peculiar thing. You really learn a lot about yourself, about others, and you gain skills you never thought you'd need. Terms like: HTML, link up, page views, and sponsoring, to name a few; are now a staple in my vocabulary. Blogging has led me to meet great people, even friends, and to amazing experiences. I constantly tell my husband Michael, “I'm doing it for the blog.” I easily become engulfed in this space. But there's one particular instance that has stuck with me. It happened only once and will probably never happen again but it's worth the share. I never thought blogging would lead me to this…

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm obsessed with this little (aka GIANT) music festival in Belgium called Tomorrowland. I've been going for the past 3 years and attended the inaugural TomorrowWorld in Atlanta for the past two years (an extension of Tomorrowland). 
Last year, at the music festival, I was more excited than ever. I was “invited to cover” the festival – something I really hadn't done before. So, I was already thrilled.
The festival was everything I imagined and more. Anyway, Michael and I decided mid-day to take a break to rest out feet and get some food. We spotted a couple spots open at a table with a group of about 5
other people. As I sat down one of the guys gave me a very weird
look. He looked me up and down and acted very uncomfortable with my
presence. We talked about where we were from and who we were excited to
see. Right as I said my name the guy interrupted me and said, “Are you
Helene from the blog?” I kind of sat there wide eyed and stunned.
Someone recognized me?!
Michael could see I was shocked so he answered for me, “Yes, she is.”
“Oh!” He said, “I read your blog.”  

I think I ended up being way more excited about the encounter than he was. 
That story made my whole day. Scratch that, it made my whole week! I just couldn't believe that someone attending the very festival that I love, happened upon my blog. I never thought blogging would do that.


I never thought blogging would… lead me to meet incredibly cool people. Today I have a fabulous lady to introduce you to, Kelly of Six One Six. She is gorgeous, honest and intelligent. Take for instance her post about addiction. She Recently got engaged and started her own YouTube channel! Today I have her answering some questions!

1. Why did you start your blog?
Throughout life I've always keep journals and when the internet came along, I was a LiveJournal junkie. Once that site died out, I felt kinda lost for a few years like “where can I write all my crazy thoughts?!” I mean, no one likes seeing that crap on Facebook, let's be honest… don't be one of those people. I had been reading just few blogs for a of couple years and one day last summer I thought to myself, I said “self, this is not far off from LiveJournal, do it.” And so I made the jump! It's such a release!

2. You just started a You Tube Channel, what's been the process of that and what can we expect from it? 
 This question makes me squeeeeee because I'm still so excited! I will be honest, the process has not been easy and this is mainly due to the camera that I own. It just doesn't fit my needs for filming (and I'm willing to sell it). But besides that, it has been so much fun! Nerve racking, but fun. The early process was getting lighting equipment, doing a makeover of our office room from dark to all white because it's much better for filming, and coming up with a list of videos that I plan to do in the future. What you can expect from that list are some fun and silly YouTube Tags/Challenges (like the Whisper Challenge, hilarious!), makeup looks, hauls of all kinds, Q&As, favorite products, an occasional rant or parody, reviews, etc. It will basically be like bringing my blog to life! I won't just be behind a keyboard, you will be able to see the real me. I'm excited to showcase myself more! My blog was lacking that.
With the launch of her Youtube channel she has a big giveaway going on next week, just look what you could win!:

3. What has starting and maintaining a blog taught you?
 I've found that having a “lifestyle” blog has surprisingly taught me a lot about MYSELF. I shared a lot of deeply personal and dark things and not only getting if off my chest and out into the world helped me realize and accept my issues, but having the community of the blog world there to support you and share similar issues is something that I just could never put into enough amazing words.

4. Where do you see yourself (and your blog/youtube) in 5 years?

years of YouTube, I really hope it's a successful channel by then! My
blog will probably continue on the way it is, when I have something to
post, I will. But I will also be connecting my YouTube to it. Anytime I
upload a video, there will be a blog post to go with it. A little mini
Google team. 

5. How did you gain traffic/followers?

on other blog posts, sponsoring, and giveaways. I know there's some
“controversy” about getting followers from giveaways, but I have found
it to be very helpful. Not everyone will stick around when the giveaway
is over, but it's the biggest way to get a mass of people to even know
that you exist. 

6. If you could offer one piece of must-have advice to an aspiring blogger, what would it be?

the love all that matters in your life… BE YOURSELF!  Do not
bull$h!t, don't steal other peoples content/photos (inspiration and
stealing are different). Don't try to be “the next big blogger”,
everyone will see right through it. Let your blog grow and become big
because you are just being YOU. The right readers/followers will appreciate you and stick around when you're real.
Check her out on: Youtube, Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

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Helene in Between Blogtober
Helene in Between Blogtober