Who isn't insta obsessed these days? Everyone seem to be on instagram (although, let's keep mom off instagram, please.) There are a few apps that I use regularly that I'm sharing with you today. Most of them are free or super cheap. So instead of just showing them to you, I am going to show you my typical instagram process!

1. Take a cool pic. This is something I'm working on. I try to take interesting photos but that's not always the case. I take the pictures using my phone's camera, never the instagram camera.
Here's the original image:

2. I open the photo in a photo editing app. I generally start with After Light. This is my favorite app. It's great to make the photo brighter, give it a pop of color, or sharpen it. I generally don't use any of their filters, I just like what it does to my pictures.

If I want to add a filter, I'll use Vscocam. Their filters are really pretty and I especially like their black and white options.

3. After I save the photo I've edited I like to use Whitagram. This gives the picture the white border and allows the entire image to fit in the square instagram frame.

4. Then I try and think of a clever hashtag. And upload it to instagram!

5. Some other apps I don't use as often, but like are: Pic Stitch: A great app to make collages if you want to showcase multiple pictures. Camera+: This is an easy app to make pretty pictures. Mirrorgram: this allows you to make a “double” image or mirrored image. Hyperlapse: This is for instagram videos, but you can upload videos and make them super speedy.

P.S. My favorite editing tool for my blog by far is picmonkey. I do pay for the royal feature (it's $10 for the year) and I love it!

P.P.S My instagram is @heleneinbetween

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