Fave Instagram Editing Apps – #Blogtober14 Day 23

Who isn't insta obsessed these days? Everyone seem to be on instagram (although, let's keep mom off instagram, please.) There are a few apps that I use regularly that I'm sharing with you today. Most of them are free or super cheap. So instead of just showing them to you, I am going to show you my typical instagram process!

1. Take a cool pic. This is something I'm working on. I try to take interesting photos but that's not always the case. I take the pictures using my phone's camera, never the instagram camera.
Here's the original image:

2. I open the photo in a photo editing app. I generally start with After Light. This is my favorite app. It's great to make the photo brighter, give it a pop of color, or sharpen it. I generally don't use any of their filters, I just like what it does to my pictures.

If I want to add a filter, I'll use Vscocam. Their filters are really pretty and I especially like their black and white options.

3. After I save the photo I've edited I like to use Whitagram. This gives the picture the white border and allows the entire image to fit in the square instagram frame.

4. Then I try and think of a clever hashtag. And upload it to instagram!

5. Some other apps I don't use as often, but like are: Pic Stitch: A great app to make collages if you want to showcase multiple pictures. Camera+: This is an easy app to make pretty pictures. Mirrorgram: this allows you to make a “double” image or mirrored image. Hyperlapse: This is for instagram videos, but you can upload videos and make them super speedy.

P.S. My favorite editing tool for my blog by far is picmonkey. I do pay for the royal feature (it's $10 for the year) and I love it!

P.P.S My instagram is @heleneinbetween

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You can add the white border in Afterlight as well, to save using another app in the process. When you're editing go to the very last icon on the right hand side of the bottom editing menu, and the second option on the scroll menu that pops up allows you to add the border 😉


This apps is fabulous for the Instagram users!! I want to try even with the clips used for editing in the video and movies. Thanks for sharing!!

I'm going to have to look these up! I just got the iphone 6.

I'm always looking for new editing apps! I love playing with photos and making them more beautiful! I guess, don't we all…haha.

I love PicMonkey since discovering it I can't stop using it. I even bought the Royal feature too 😀

Afterlight is my absolute favorite, for everything! I also use Whitagram. 😉 Good choices!

Afterlight is my saving grace. I love PicMonkey as well – I use it to edit all my blog post featured photos!

I need to get better about using editing apps! They make your pictures so pretty!

i love the afterlight and vscocam.

other really good apps for putting pretty words on are: a beautiful mess (i think that's the name of their app – its on my phone as abm) and the same creators have a new called partyparty and you can make time lapse(?) movies out of your photos and also save them as a gif!!!

Love Afterlight. I haven't been able to figure out the filters in Vscocam for some reason lol … and I plan on paying for the Vidstitch upgrade the next time I publish a video it looks like a neat app 🙂

I love Afterlight!!! I need to download that video app you mentioned, so neat!

thanks for sharing! i am such a beginner when it comes to photography and instagram!

Excellent apps! I used to use Snapseed, VSCO, etc. a lot but have reduced it now b/c the updated Instagram includes options for saturation, contrast, highlights, all the good stuff!

I just starting using PicLab and love it! Afterlight is one of my favs too!

I use Afterlight sometimes–but my favorite is Pixlromatic! There are a lot out there to choose from tho 🙂


I never use apps for my Instagram pictures. I really should.

But I LOVE PicMonkey and pay for royale too. Totally worth it.

Wow, that's a lot of programs for one picture. Def gonna check out AfterLight.

Afterlight is number one on my list! I usually prefer brightening my photos with Afterlight instead of messing with photoshop. It works wonders!!

I've never used these but I need to. I have to admit I get a little overwhelmed with all of these editing apps!
~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

I use both of those too! They can be a life saver!
Melanie @ meandmr.com

apparently i need afterlight! And to take more pictures.

I'm just going to say it… and I feel like I'm allowed to say this being a photoshop obsessed person… afterlight is not only wayyyy easier to use for editing photos, but dare I say, even a little better than photoshop?

I've not tried Afterlight but would love to check it out. I like what it did to your image. Nice!

I use Faded to edit my photos and it also allows you to do the white border without having to use a different app. Sometimes I use Afterlight for the rounded border option they have but I almost always use Faded.

I swear by Afterlight, you know they have the frames too? I've never used Whitagram!

PicMonkey is the absolute best for blogging purposes. Thanks for the Instagram suggestions. I never use any apps for Instagram pictures, but I love the idea of making it so the WHOLE picture shows up in Instagram.

I usually edit in Camer Plus. I use it to take the photos too.

I love afterlight but VSCOCam always crashes on my phone which is super annoying!

I also love Afterlight…so many great options!

I already downloaded all of them! Thanks for sharing so many that I've never even heard of 🙂 PicMonkey is doing a free week of royal right now too, let everyone know!! ❤️

I'll have to check out After light. I also use square ready a lot to make my pictures square without cutting off the image.

Just dropping by to say I love your blog! It's set up nicely and easy to navigate. Also, reading it inspires me that is why I wish to share your blog posts to all my family and friends. 🙂 B

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