According to my instagram, my very first post was 166 weeks ago. It has approximately 2 likes and is very blurry and it's a picture of Michael wearing a Garfield shirt with his suit jacket over it. There's no caption. But I love it because he didn't know I took the picture and it's a little mysterious. It took me a long time to understand that I needed to post more interesting, “cleaner” looking images. After all, the unwritten rules of instagram state that grainy pictures don't get likes.

So a picture my favorite instagram picture has got to be this one:

The #Sulakids. I'm not sure if I'll ever venture down the path of having children, so my dog children will be the closest thing to it. This picture was taken, obviously, around Christmas time last year. We'd only had Millie (English Springer Spaniel on the right) for a few weeks. We bought them matching scarves for the holidays and they were the cutest things in the world.

Okay, now tell me, What's Your Favorite Instagram pic?

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Helene in Between Blogtober
Helene in Between Blogtober

No seriously. Before you link up, do you have word verification on?! Go to your own blog and leave a comment. See if it makes you type in some hard to read letters and numbers. If you do, then turn it off!! I'm begging you. It makes it SO hard for me to leave a comment on your blog.
How do you turn it off? It's so easy. In Blogger go to “Settings” (bottom left hand side of the page) then click on “Post and Comments” and switch “Word Verification” to No.
It looks like this:

It's so easy and makes a huge difference! Pretty please with a cherry on top do it now!

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