Right now, Instagram still remains in it's “untouched” bubble. There are no ads. Teens put up naughty selfies or pictures of themselves drinking. You can become instagram famous with hashtags and pictures of the skyline using “Nashville” as a filter.
Even though it gets 1 billion likes per day and 40 million pictures are posted per day, it still hasn't gone to the dark side, like Facebook has. What's the dark side, you ask? It's when your Mom is on Instagram. Oh I'm sorry, is your mom not like a regular mom, she's like a cool mom? Well, that's fantastic. I don't want them on my Instagram. And here's why:

What Instagram Would Look Like If Moms were on it:

They won't know how to properly use #hashtags

Mom_Insta: # cool #hello? # heyit'smom #rememberthispic?

They will totally notice all of their children's slutty or inappropriate pictures. Leaving comments like:

Mom_Insta: “were you wearing that when you left the house?” “Do you know what this says about your character?” “What's wrong with your face?” 

They don't understand Instagram rules:

Mom_Insta: TBT! Throwback Tuesday! Helene's wedding day!! ?

No mom! It's Thursday. THURSDAY! But nice use of emoticon.

They put up really terrible pictures of you. Sans filter.

Mom_Insta: My daughter, Helene!

Jeez Mom, you really could have used Lo-Fi to bring out my eyes.

They Find out things you might now have wanted them to know.

Mom_Insta: When did you get a tattoo Janelle? 

They have no idea how to take a selfie:

Mom_Insta: Just taking selfies, learned from the best @mydaughter 
Mom, you can't tag me by relation. Duh. 
Luckily only 3% of Instagram's users are over 50 (source). Hopefully, we can keep it that way.
Mom, I love you, but stay off Instagram, I wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends.

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