Oh, weddings. The happiest, most planned out day of your life. My wedding day was absolutely one of my favorite days. Everything just felt good about that day. Of course, there were some hiccups, but at the end of the day I was married and thrilled about it.
Being engaged is such an exciting time and the two years that I was engaged flew by.  Looking back now, I think there were some things I would change about the Big Day. Hindsight is always 20-20, and I'm a worrier at heart.

If I Had to plan My wedding again

I interviewed 14 florists. That's a one and then a four. No one cares about your flowers. Not really. I didn't need to spend that much time thinking about floral arrangements.

I should have registered for much more. I know they TOLD me to register for a lot, but Michael was so particular about checking the reviews of almost everything, I just registered for what I thought we needed and was done. You need to register for it all. Just do it.

Find the right photographer for your engagement pictures. I loved my wedding photographer, but Michael was trying to be nice and bought a Groupon for our engagements (big mistake). I hated them. When it comes to any kind of photos, you want to like them, especially ones that have to do with your wedding day.

I'd hire a videographer. I didn't have one and although I wouldn't watch it too often, it'd still be nice to have it on film.

Get over it. I remember I was shopping in the Galleria Mall, in Dallas, when my mom called to tell me that the venue didn't allow candles. I started crying – in the mall – and spent a few hours searching for other venues. In the end, I kept the original venue and we had LED candles and it was just fine. It was extremely silly of me to get that worked over those little things that just didn't matter.

 If I had to plan my wedding again I'd definitely use Wedding Party. It's a service that provides a custom app and website to help spread the word about your wedding. Engaged couples can connect with their guests about the Big Day, share their registry, accommodations, photos, and more. The best part, of course, it's free!

It's a great way for your guests to stay up-to-date with everything going on with your wedding and get all the info they need. My favorite feature  is the planning section, which is filled with tips for your wedding. It's like a side kick that will help you along the way! They even have a wedding blog filled with advice, beautiful wedding images, and an inspiration button for your wedding (I especially love this one about taking selfies).

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If you're married- how would you plan your wedding differently? If you're not- what's one thing that you might change about weddings you've been to?

*This post was sponsored by Wedding Party, but all opinions are my own.