This was another one for the books. Which makes Monday even harder, but seeing as I have a 4 day work week I think I can make do. I wrote on Thursday that my friend's wedding was this weekend.
 The Fiesta Rehearsal dinner on Friday was a blast. But I'm starting with Saturday.

The girls met at 11 am to get ready. This is always such a fun part of the wedding. It's the perfect time to relax and literally spend the whole day to look pretty. It was complete with mimosas and selfies.

This happened.

 We all got to choose how our hair would look. I just asked for mine to be up and a braid. This is what she did:

I told her I would put it up on the blog since it was so cool!
Then it was finally time for the bride to put on her dress, she was stunning!

Isn't her dress incredible?! I died over it!

 The ceremony went off without a hitch, and there was still enough time to take a few pictures outside before the sunset of the bridal party.

Such a beautiful couple!

On the way to the reception the bridesmaids popped champagne in the back (we thought ahead and bought some Andre ahead of time).

There was cake, dancing, and singing (or screaming) “Proud to be an American.” It was perfect.

After the wedding, we all went out and I even instagrammed after midnight. Sorry bout it.

I know, this was picture overload! But it was such a fantastic weekend all around. 

And now, I have the lovely Jackie from Jade and Oak on the blog today! She is beyond cute and has some really cute pups that I think Hugo would love to hang out with. Plus she loves Ke$ha and dancing, so she's my soul sister for sure. She has some pretty great stories and projects, this is one girl you will want to follow along with!

 When did you know you wanted to start blogging?
I have been blog lurking for probably about 6 months. I was reading so many inspiring blogs, especially dealing with home decorating. I was feeling stuck in my own life and thought that blogging would give me the kick in the pants to be more proactive. And so far it has!
 What's been the best and worst thing about owning a home?
Best is definitely having our own space that we can call our own, especially the back yard for our doggies. The worst are the unexpected costs (such as well a huge tree fell and caused a lot of damage urrggh). (I included a cute pug-in-yard photo instead of a not-so-cute tree photo.)
What got you started with ballet? 
I only danced for about 2 years as a kid and never did ballet. My first ballet class was when I was 17 and I was awful. I didn't really try it again until I was about 24 years old. I realized that I had always wanted to do it so why not? I was pretty awful for years but I'm better(-ish) now. It's so fun and great exercise. It has been great for days when I'm feeling stressed with life because I seriously go into class and do not worry about the little things. You have no time to worry about bills or homework or laundry or whatever when you are trying to plie with proper posture and grand jete without falling on your booty. I love it.
What's one of your favorite posts you've written? 
Why do people love to tell me to smile. I know this happens to a lot of ladies but it drives me nuts! After I wrote this post, I had a guy elbow me in a crowded area as I was rushing to follow my friends and my friend and say “hey, smile” as if he was giving me this earth shattering advice. No thank you.
Dog or cat?
Mmmm I think it's pretty clear I'm a dog person. And by “dog person,” I mean that I am owned by two very spoiled pugs. 
What's your go to jam?
Um I think we have both previously expressed our love for the songstress KeSha. I love her and my fave song is Blow. Oh and I have a weird and wonderful place in my heart for Low by Flo Rida. It makes me dance wherever I am. 
Favorite Disney Movie?
Probably a tie between Little Mermaid and Aladdin. I'm old school.

Go say hi to Jackie! Visit her blog, bloglovin, twitter or Facebook page!
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