I haven't talked very much on this blog about my wedding.
That's in part because my wedding is older than my blog.
But it's my two year anniversary tomorrow so I thought now would be the perfect time.
Some of you are probably rolling your eyes since it's ancient history at this point, but I always love seeing people's weddings, so I figured I'd show you mine!
We got married April 30th of 2011. If you want to read about how we met and our engagement you can read that here.
Instead I thought I would have a picture heavy post of my favorite day ever.
In short, there was a lot of love, happiness, crying, drinking, eating, dancing and oh, dancing.
Getting Ready
Decorating the getaway car
The Ceremony 

Formal Pictures
The family and bridal party
The Reception

Someone forgot the flowers on top of the cake. Hey, something has to go wrong.
Happy 2 year anniversary to my husband Michael,
I love you more everyday!
Tomorrow I will recap my honeymoon for Travel Tuesday!
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