Some things before I start rambling about The Blog Auction:
– I think I was the only person this weekend who didn't watch football. Not ashamed.
– There are like 25 bloggers I follow who are either pregnant or just had babies, and I'm over here like when's the next music festival?
– Remember how I said I'd given up Diet Cokes? That ended swiftly this weekend when we woke up at 4 a.m. to go to the beach. I'm going to try to not go crazy…

I have to tell y'all I was blown away by the first Blog Auction. Wait, what is the Blog Auction? Well it allows bloggers and shop owners to come together, gain exposure; and bidders to get good deals on some great items. In an effort to be more organized, all items will be set up into categories, payment will be streamlined, and I'll be able to track everything more easily!

The Blog Auction Rules

What is The Blog Auction: A great way to gain exposure AND a get great deals on blogging and boutiques!

When: Wednesday, September 17th from 9 am – 12 am (midnight), Central time.

How: Submit your item to the Google Doc HERE. Must make payment via Paypal. Identify the item starting price and the lowest price you are willing to accept from a bidder.
This time I've changed it up a bit. To participate in the auction you pay an introductory flat fee of $3 via Paypal to [email protected]

Why? The Auction is a great way to gain exposure. The last Live Auction attracted over 3,000 unique views (that means 3,000 individuals viewed the auction) and over 6,500 page views! So your blog/shop will get lots of exposure! Note: A portion of your fee goes towards advertising for the auction!

Sellers, here are some ideas of items you can submit:
– Sponsor/ Advertising on your blog
– An item from your online boutique or Etsy shop
– Blog Consultation
– Blog Design Service
– Social Media Help
-You can even offer something you don't have listed. Like social media shout-outs or a separate ad spot
– Etc… if you have a question about an item, feel free to ask in the Comments,  or email me at [email protected]

Really want to sell your item? Start the bid price LOW. The lower you go, the more likely people will bid on the item!

If you are participating in the auction, feel free to grab this button if you want to place it on your site or remind people to bid.

Helene in Between
Helene in Between

How do you win an auction item? When the auction is live you simply
leave a comment with the item you want to win, your bid price and your email
(does not need to be your PayPal email, just an email I can use to contact you.) You can check throughout
the day to see if you should keep bidding! Once the auction is over,  winners will be emailed that they've won and they will pay for each item
via PayPal!

Bid prices must be in whole dollar amounts. Example: $2 not $1.89 or $2.50 (No decimals!) 

When the auction is live, do not reply to Comments. If you want to update your bid, leave a new Comment with the new bid, item and email.

Have fun! The more buzz we get going the better! I hope you'll join me! Sign-ups are limited, so go here to sign up!

Questions? Please leave them in the Comments section below. I'll reply asap.