I'm really
excited about today's announcement. It's something I've been toiling with for some quite some time, but I'm finally bringing it to life today. I think I've been trying to create this for a while now, I just wasn't sure how to go about it.

As bloggers, we all offer something different. We each have a skill set that we utilize on our blogs. Maybe you're brilliant at designing. You're an excellent sponsor. You have an Etsy shop filled with beautiful jewelry. You offer a consulting service. We all have our unique strengths. Okay, I'll stop teasing now.

That's where The Blog Auction comes in. Basically, once a month there will be a two week option period to submit your items to The Blog Auction. You can submit:
– Sponsor/ Advertising on your blog
– An item from your online boutique or Etsy shop
– Blog Consultation
– Blog Design Service
– Social Media Help
-You can even offer something you don't have listed. Like social media shout outs or a separate ad spot
– Etc… if you have a question about an item feel free to ask in the comments or email me [email protected]

You'll tell me the starting price of the item (meaning the lowest price you're willing to accept) then after the two week sign up period is over there will be a live auction on the blog! Bidding prices will start at the price you listed. Then anyone with a PayPal account can bid on the item! You can submit your item by filling out this Google Doc.

Money stuff: There is no flat fee to join, I take 10% of the sold price and you take the rest. Think of this kind of like Groupon, but for Bloggers!

Sign ups start NOW and the first auction will go live August 21st at 9am central time and end at midnight that night.

How do you win an auction? When the auction is live you simply leave a comment with your bid price and email. You can check throughout the day to see if you should keep bidding! Once the auction is over winners will be emailed that they've won and you'll pay for your item via PayPal!

For example:
I will be auctioning off two things (yes, you can auction off more than one!) a large ad spot starting at only $5, it's normally $30! And a medium ad space, usually $9, bidding price starts at $2!

Sarah of Venus Trapped in Mars will be offering her largest ad spot “The Jerry Jones” starting at $27, that's HALF the price it's listed for on her blog!

Taylor of The Daily Tay is offering her “Saturday Takeover” ad spot for only $10 originally $40! That's a 75% discount!!

Alisha of The Alisha Nicole is offering her “Little Love Notes” Necklace for $12 (originally $25!)

All of the items listed above will be part of the very first auction on August 21st!

For those participating in the auction this will be great exposure for your blog, shop, or business! For those bidding in the auction this will be your chance to get great deals on all things blog and online shops! So really, it's a win-win!

To auction off YOUR item, sign up HERE!

The Blog Auction

This will be a work in progress but I hope you'll all join me for the ride!
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