Yesterday I was reading Buzzfeed and happened upon an article, something very typical, praising Beyonce, so I of course clicked on it. It wasn't that interesting, but it wasn't that terrible either. The comments on it were what got me. I mean, they were hilarious. “OMG Buzzfeed, I hate you, get you head out of your ass what is this trash?” and so forth.
I laughed and laughed and then realized that these people wasted time to smack their fingers furiously on the keyboard to tell us that they hated this. But guess what? I wasted time reading it. That's what's wrong with America. I'm half kidding, because I think we all do it. It being waste time on the internet. But the other half of me isn't joking.
A few hours later I went to check instagram. But it wouldn't refresh. I was getting errors. What was happening? I took to twitter and immediately found the trending hashtag: instagramnotworking
No, maybe this is what's wrong with us. regardless. We, here are some things to do when instagram stops working. Stay strong.

1. Look up the trending hashtag of instagram not working:

2. Pray.

3. Practice taking selfies. Be sure to save your faves to IMMEDIATELY upload when instagram starts working again.

4.  Eat an entire wheel of cheese.

5. Learn how to make a gif, it's fun and easy!

6. Don't move. What if something awesome happens and you can't upload it?

7. Research the best hashtags to use for future uploads.

8. Review the Unwritten Instagram Rules. Memorize them.

9. Walk outside. Remember that place, with the sun?

10. Start drinking. Don't quit until instagram is back up.

What will you do the next time it goes down. Stay prepared, stay strong.

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