You know when you're super bored and so you decide you need to make a gif of yourself?
Oh, that's just me?
Well actually I am doing this tutorial since I had a lovely gif of my husband on the blog yesterday. And people wanted to know: how do you gif yourself?
But who cares about him?
I mean, this is creative:


I am so odd. Or 13 years old.

This might be the hardest tutorial ever.
This is Helene in Between, we don't do hard stuff. Ever.
Y'all it really is so super easy, even I could do it.

So here's what you'll need:
1. An iPhone
2. Thumbs (preferably opposable ones).

So first download the app Gifboom app. (This link opens the iTunes App so if you are viewing it from your phone you can just download it right here and now!) Oh and it's FREE.

Next open the app, you will need to sign up through twitter, facebook or use your email and choose a username and password.
You can also follow other people, I am going to refrain from posting how you can follow me, since I think there are about 1 zillion ways to ‘follow' people at this point.
The interface is very similar to Instagram:

Your home screen will be a feed of everyone you follow, or just the editors picks. The next button over is what's popular. The middle button is the camera, where you make all the magic happen. The heart button is your notifications and the last button is you and your settings.

So to make a gif, click on the camera. You can make a gif from pictures already on your phone (you can select up to 30) or you can take a video from the app.
Then you can add setting and voila! You've just made youself a gif.
You can also share them on facebook and twitter.

Now to embed this into your post just go to the app webiste ( and find the gif you want to embed.

Click on the arrow and it will bring up a link (if you wanted to share it) or the html to embed it into your blog post.
Now click on HTML and paste the copied link to your post.

It's also really easy (and I feel like the gif looks best) if you click to share it to tumblr and just copy the HTML from that. Then there won't be any scrolling or wonky looking gifs!

That's it!

And here's me being extra weird, dancing.


I was not compensated for this post in any way shape or form, but dangit, I should be.
NOTE: when using gifboom you do not have to publish your gifs but can just save them to your phone!