Age ain't nothing but a number. Right? Is that still true? I'd like to think that it is. I feel like I'm a really weird age. I've called myself an ageist before and it still holds true, but I *GASP* like my age. I'm 27, and I don't necessarily feel young or old. It's weird to think that I'm closer to my 30s than my 20s but I'm okay with that. At least at this particular junction.

Cardigan /// Shoes… My leather Greek Sandals from Greece!

In Prague we did a Bar Crawl. One of the organizers, Veronika, was 19 and wrangling a bunch of people mostly older than her. She was interesting and awesome and much more capable than my 20 year old sisters (sorry but it's true.) We started talking about age and she started guessing ages. When it came to me, she said “Oh, probably 21.” We were riding on the rickety tram and I let go of the handle and squealed. “Michael, she said I'm 21!” He looked over and rolled his eyes.
“I'm sorry was I wrong?” She asked. “Are you 20?”
I gave her a hug and revealed my real age. She replied with “Why don't you have any wrinkles?!” Yep, she was definitely 19. But I was flattered all the same.

Maybe this is silly, but I like the fact that I'm seen as young. I don't necessarily think it has to do with my appearance, but more my attitude. I'm having a blast. Last night Michael and I were washing dishes after my parents left. We cooked dinner and then cleaned up. How adult of us. But while washing the dishes Michael said something I didn't like and I squirted water at him. I ran and hid for a good 10 minutes. Why? Because it's enjoyable. And because I might not have mentally grown up yet. And I'm okay with that.

As for the new threads, I think they go well with my mental age/attitude. (Which, if you're wondering, I took this quiz last night and my mental age is 10 years old although intellectually I'm a good 45.) Everything above and below is from Katydid Collection. An online boutique and store out of the greatest state in the world: Texas! I love supporting local and they have tons of cute items: rompers, cardigans, shoes, accessories, shorts and more! I'm sporting the Dreamcatcher Burnout tee, perfect for a warm summer night or even a festival.

 I'm also wearing the Sheer Cardigan Kimono which I've now decided to live in. It's lightweight for the heat, but it's a nice touch for any outfit. Plus, who doesn't like to have a little fun and play dress up? And of course I'm representing Texas with the State of Texas Pendant.

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Yes, I'm a grown up. I pay my bills. I wash my car. I go to work everyday. But sometimes I eat breakfast for dinner. I play hide and seek in my house. I listen to my music too loud. I sing in the car. And I think I'll always be young at heart. What's your metal age?

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