I can memorize lyrics to a song like I wrote it myself. Even rap lyrics. I have absolutely no qualms about dancing or speaking in front of a room full of a bunch of people I don't know. I'm fairly good at cooking, in that I make whatever is on the recipe in front of me. I'm also a pro at using dry shampoo when my hair's greasy.

But one thing you'd know, if you came over to my house, is just how terrible I am at decorating.The other day the UPS man rang the door bell to drop off a package and asked if we'd just moved in. No, it's been almost 3 years. The reason, I'm sure, is because our walls are still blank and we don't have a lot of furniture. I'm the worst at decorating. I'm trying to be better. So I'm starting with my favorite part: the backyard. 
Even though there isn't much to it, I know that the lighting will do the trick. A few strands of twinkle lights from will make it look just right. 

Here's my backyard right now. I spend a lot of time out here. Especially when it's not overly hot… like it is right now in Texas. We grill out, eat dinner, host parties, laze around and just enjoy watching the pups play. I've taken to Pinterest to try and sort out just how I will begin. 

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 I'd love to hang a hammock, we might need more trees in the back for that to happen. 

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Or maybe just a complete redo? 

How do you decorate? I'm seriously lost at this so any ideas you have, I'd love to hear them!