Prague is one of those cities that I hear people talk about longingly. “You just have to go” type places. Well now, I'm one of those people.


We took a short plane ride from Crete to Prague and it was as if we landed in a completely different world. Gorgeous, ornate buildings. A tram that took you throughout the city. And of course the twinkling lights from the Prague Castle.
We stayed a Sir Toby's Hostel, which will convince you that hostels are the way to go in Europe. I actually asked for recommendations and this fellow Dallasite and blogger gave me the suggestion- she couldn't have been more spot on! Great mix of people, awesome room, free food… the list goes on. Stay at Sir Toby's, you can't go wrong.
We went to bed and took the city by storm the next day. We started at the Charles Bridge, acting like tourists and taking pictures of every statue and rubbing the dog for good luck.

Prague Tourists charles bridge























We went over to the Lennon Wall (in honor of John Lennon). More posing for pictures, naturally.

Lennon Wall - Graffiti in Prague













Then we really dug into the sights of Prague. We marveled at the ornate St Vitus Cathedral.

Prague St Vitus Cathedral















The buildings in Prague just constantly have your jaw dropping. Every single one is different and beautiful on it's own.


St. George's Basilica PragueWe caught our breath and took in the view:
St. George's Basilica
Loreta Prague
Loreta Building



























We strolled and shopped at the Golden Lane:


What do you do after walking nearly 20 miles? You drink of course! We participated in our hostel's bar crawl, hopping on the tram from bar to bar. It was so much fun. Even if we took shots of absinthe.

Next day we were up at at 'em.  In our search around the city for kolaches (they don't actually call them
kolaches here) we discovered Trdelniks. Round pastries rolled over heat,
usually coals, and then finished off with sugar. Delicious.

trdelinks pastries in Prague





















Then it was time to start the tour for the day. We started with the old town square and the astronomical clock.

Astronomical Clock Prague























The clock was incredible. It can tell the day, time, where the sun and moon are, and every hour the clock comes to life.

One of my favorite buildings was the Municipal Building. It was just as ornate inside as it was outside.

Municipal Building Prague













We toured the many synagogues and the old Jewish cemetery. It was moving and incredible. In a very small space 100,000s of people were buried, sometimes stacked 12 people high.

That night we feasted at a restaurant that I can only recall known as the “Penis Pub” since there were penises drawn artfully on the walls. We had enough meat and cheese to feed a small village.

Our last night we spent walking through the street gazing up at the magnificent buildings. I didn't think the city could be more beautiful at night, I was wrong. It was lit up and lovely. Two days was just not enough.

Prague National Museum
The National Museum















The worst part about traveling is when it's over. There's a lull that
comes over you after a vacation that you can't quite seem to fix. What
do I do with myself now that I'm not romping around Prague? Or sprinting
through the airport in Greece? Luckily, Tomorrowland made things a little easier on me, they're sending me to TomorrowWorld! I'm taking Sarah with me and I'm sure madness will ensue.

On to the next adventure!

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