Whether you want to see the largest ancient castle in the world, discover the most beer obsessed country, or gawk at some of the most striking architecture in the world – look no further than Prague in the Czech Republic.

Prague seems to be on every tourist's radar, and for good reason. But sometimes it's nice to get away from the crowds. So I've come up with 15 things unique things you can do in Prague. Many are not as crowded, but just as interesting. Learn about Slavic history, go on a day trip, and get a different view of this charming city.

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15 Unique Things to Do in Prague

Having visited many times, I continue to fall in love with Prague's beauty, making it one of my favorite cities in Europe. Since it's a place I can go to again and again, I thought I'd share some different things to do, see, and eat. I've compiled 15 things you shouldn't miss.

Below you can find a map of all the places discussed in this post:

Take some funky pictures at the John Lennon Wall

This graffiti wall isn't just dedicated to the Beatles star, John Lennon. In the past it's been a symbol of the Czech resistance against the harsh political regime during Communist times. Rebellious youths would share their hopes and dreams and thoughts for their future, as well as what they believed was wrong in their government. It was a sore spot for the secret police, even though they tried covering it up, every day new graffiti was strewn on the wall.

Now, tourists make their own contributions and take pictures in front of the wall. Get creative and pose in front of the wall or make your own statement.

Listen to music on the Charles Bridge and get your caricature drawn

There's never a bad time to be on Charles Bridge. It's easy to get swept up in the magic of the darkened sculptures, the lovely architecture all around you, the hustle and bustle of people, and people selling their crafts. Stepping on Charles Bridge seems like you're entering a different time, back when people made their living selling and haggling for goods.

No matter the weather, you'll find people playing music. Sometimes it's traditional Czech music such as polka, other times it's familiar American classics. It's fun to walk the bridge, listen to the melodies, and find a new souvenir. You can also get your caricature drawn by various artists perched on the bridge eager to capture you.

See some modern art and dancing buildings

There are quite a few spots in Prague to get a glimpse at some cool, funky, modern art. You can see the David Černý sculptures that are odd and interesting. Such as the 2 male sculptures peeing over a puddle shaped like the Czech Republic at the Franz Kafka Museum. My favorite is the Head of Franz Kafka which is outside the Quadrio shopping center that swivels and moves.

Don't forget to check out the infamous “Dancing House” aka Fred and Ginger. The building has a design which makes it look like it's moving or dancing. It looks striking next to the more traditional houses and when it was finished in 1996 it was quite controversial.

Visit during Christmas time

Christmas markets in Europe are exceptional. There's an unparalleled feeling of joy as you walk the wooden stalls with the smell of roasting meats and candied nuts in the air. Prague does their Christmas Market justice with multiple ones taking place in the city. You can find traditional, medieval markets selling glass ornaments and puppets, and there's also a more modern take, offering gastronomical specialties.

Prague's market is one of the biggest in Europe (Strasbourg has the largest) so you'll find something you'll enjoy.

Go to a concert in a stunning church

There are so many beautiful churches in Prague: St Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Church with pink marble, Church of Our Lady Victorious housing the infant of Prague, or Church of Our Lady Before Tyn in the Old Square. It's one thing to go inside and enjoy the beauty, but to really take it up a level, go see a concert.

Concerts are offered throughout the year, and you can find the program here. You can also go into the office just outside Church off Our Lady Before Tyn to find the program for that week and purchase tickets.

There's also the option to go the lovely Lobkowicz Palace in Prague castle and see a concert there!

Stay in a hotel with a castle view

One of my favorite things I did in Prague was enjoy my lovely hotel. I've said it before, but Asten hotels in Czech Republic are some of the best hotels in the world. Not only is Hotel Klarov, member of Asten Hotels, exceptionally beautiful, but when I walk in I feel like I'm walking into a friend's home. A friend's home who happens to have one of the most beautiful views in the world. Take a look outside my room:

The breakfast is truly a highlight of my trip. There's a wide selection of food with homemade breads and cakes, teas, coffee, eggs, sliced meat, cheeses and more. You can eat breakfast in the cozy downstairs space or head outside to the garden. This small garden is an oasis in a busy city like Prague. It's cool and comfortable. You can also order a delicious homemade lemonade, which I highly recommend.

You'll find lovely and thoughtful design elements in well lit, spacious rooms. In Hotel Klarov the rooms are music themed, with each one giving a nod to an important musician. My room, the Elton John room, had a big sofa, large TV, full kitchen, dining table, and of course, a great view of Prague castle. The rooms are clean and sleek with absolutely no noise from the street.

I slept like a baby in our bed, ready to take on the day and the sites of Prague. Hotel Klarov is the perfect romantic escape for couples. We were greeted with a bottle of wine and each picked out books to read while enjoying our beautiful room. You'll find books all over the hotel and you can pick up any that suit your fancy.

One night we decided to eat dinner in our room and watch the sunset over the castle. To our surprise, fireworks started! We had the perfect view.

They offer a special, ongoing promotion: when you book a room at check in you will automatically receive a room upgrade, without charge, if a higher level room is available during your stay.

This is part of their ongoing dedication to service. They are always looking to make your stay feel special.

Bottom line: there are plenty of “nice” hotels in Prague but because the star rating of hotels in the Czech Republic isn't strictly regulated, you might be disappointed when you book a 4-star hotel to find it less than sub par. Hotel Klarov, member of Asten Hotels is not only beautiful, but it's also functional. We actually hugged the staff when we left! You just can't beat service like that.

There are two hotels from Asten Hotels in Prague: Hotel Klarov and Golden Key. I've had the pleasure to stay in both and can confidently say these are the two of the best hotels in Europe. There is also a lovely boutique hotel located just two hours from Prague. Check out more from from Hotel Savoy, here.

See the Slav Epic

Displayed inside the gorgeous, yellow Municipal house, the Slav Epic is 20 canvas paintings depicting the history of the Slavic and Czech people. Painted by the artist Mucha between 1910 and 1928, these huge works of art share a moving story that he hoped would unite all Slavs in a mutual reverence for their past.

Don't forget to stroll around the Municipal House to peak into the lavish restaurants and see if you can catch a concert performance going on.

Take a day trip to Český Krumlov

If you have a day or so you can take the train from Prague to Český Krumlov, the beautiful UNESCO world heritage town in the Czech Republic. You can't miss touring the castle and spending some time exploring the city. Český Krumlov is a bit cheaper than Prague, so it's a great place to get an inexpensive, traditional meal. You can easily see all there is to see in a day and head back to Prague.

Check out the views from Letná Park

Are you a sucker for a skyline? Then Prague's is unmatched. The spires of the churches, the layered bridges over the Vltava river, and the towers of the castle make for an epic view. Letna Park is one of the best, albeit not too common, spots in Prague to take in the view. A great time to go is around sunset to soak in the surroundings.

Go on a pub crawl

Prague has some of the coolest bars around, not to mention, incredible beer. Going on a pub crawl is a great way to mingle with others and experience the famous pub culture. You can find a pub crawl here or check out this option too. I do recommend getting a ticket ahead of time.

Typically, it starts around 8 pm at a predetermined meeting place. Your ticket will include an open bar to start and one drink at each bar you hop to. I like this organized party because you're brought to some great spots you might not find on your own. We went to an underground cave bar, a dance club, and one of the oldest bars in Prague.

Just be careful of the absinthe, it might lead you to more fun that you want!

There's also a Czech Beer Museum where you can learn more about its history and also bottle your own beer.

Appreciate the past in the Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is an important piece of history and remembrance because it's so well preserved. Hitler saved it from Nazi destruction because he wanted to leave it as a museum to the Jewish race, once he wiped them off the planet. It's chilling to see the names of so many people that were killed by the terror of the Third Reich. But even more moving are the graves piled atop each other in the cemetery. It's a good reminder how important it is to reflect on the past.

Watch the street performers in Old Town Square

Prague's Old Town square is hard to miss. With the Astronomical Clock, churches, and ambiance you'll likely drift there no matter what your travel itinerary. But don't forget to stop and look around in the square. There are a myriad of people performing: larger than life-size teddy bears, acrobats, musicians, statues, floating tricks, and even fire breathers.

Presiding over the square is the Jan Hus Memorial. Hus was burned at the stake as a heretic when he proclaimed that you didn't need to pay indulgences to be without sin and tried to reform the church. As Pope John Paul II said, Hus has, “moral courage.” But I wonder what he might think looking on Prague's square today. You can take in the action for yourself in the square. Just watch out for the fire breathers and, more likely, pickpocketers.

See the creepy bone church of Sedlec Ossuary

If you're not afraid of seeing human bones, then you might find Sedlec Ossuary interesting. Inside this church are upwards of 40,000 bones in the town of Kutná Hora, just a few miles outside of Prague. Known as the “bone church” you'll find the bones displayed in different arrangements such as a chandelier!

Though it's just a quick train ride away, Kutná Hora is a great way to escape the crowds and enjoy a beautiful Czech town.

Eat a pork knuckle

The Czechs are hearty eaters with an affinity for meat. The pork knuckle is a delicious specialty that you'll see roasting as you walk the cobblestone streets. You'll see many, many stalls selling the Trdelník, the round pastry grilled over an open flame and smothered in sugar. But this isn't traditionally Czech, although now it's become a staple. It actually is more Hungarian. So, try some real local cuisine with a pork knuckle. Come prepared to get a bit messy. This dish is best eaten with your bare hands.

Explore Vyšehrad Castle

Located just a few tram stops away to the south of Prague is Vyšehrad Castle, a historic fort built in the 10th century. Legend has it that Vyšehrad was the location of the first settlement of Prague. You'll find an impressive church, an 11th-century rotunda, and the old cemetery.

Alternatively, you can take a 2-hour Vltava river cruise and also take in the sights of Vyšehrad Castle.

Prague remains a city that I can visit again and again. It always surprises me and reminds me why I love traveling Europe so much. It's the perfect combination of the best of this continent: great people, food, beer, architecture, and history. It's not to be missed. In my opinion, you can't go enough.

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